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Mar 6, 2023 - Apr 4, 2023

If you also follow the monthly flying star movement ( chart below), you can move the cures around from month to month. However, the annual cures must stay where they are at the beginning of the year.




  • The month of March sees the Loss Star #7 landing in the centre, indicating an uptick in robberies and thefts.  
  • Watch out for the East sector this month because the Misfortune and Illness Star converge.


SOUTHWEST –1/4. Good Vibes for Scholastic and Romance Luck
This southwest combination brings excellent luck in creativity and academic matters. Good ideas and new learning will come quickly if your bedroom or study is located here—lucky sector for students preparing for upcoming exams. A suitable activator for this sector is the Manjushri Wisdom Stupa or Wen Chang Pagoda for academic luck.
Relationship Star #4 benefits networking and finding the right connections to build long-lasting relationships with those around you. A Good month for romance luck as well. Display the Romance LOCK in the SW to increase your chances of meeting the right one.


EAST- 2/5. DANGEROUS COMBINATION This negative star combination brings bad luck of a catastrophic magnitude. It attracts all kinds of bad luck - accidents, monetary loss, mishaps, misfortunes, violence, and other life-threatening danger. Residents with the main door, bedroom, or living room in the East are susceptible to severe illnesses, especially those who sleep here. This is also true for the Rabbit-born and eldest son and if your property faces East. Best to move out from this sector and avoid having open fires or engaging in noisy activities here. Place the Heart Sutra Pagoda or the Emerald Pagoda Five Element Pagoda and  the Great Magic Tortoise here. Carry the Garuda Wu Lou Health Amulet Keychain or the Emerald pagoda Keychain for added protection. You can also wear the Obsidian heart Sutra pendant. 

SOUTHEAST - 3/6.Wealth luck is auspicious in this sector this month, and it benefits people who sleep or have the main door here. Wear Hook Tibetan Dzi Bead to capture this energy. Speculative and windfall luck is strong thanks to the Heavenly #6 auspicious Feng Shui star. Display a Rising Golden Dragon Holding A Pearl or Windfall Luck Activator here. Carry the Jade Emperor Keychain to enhance it, especially if you are a Dragon, Snake, or first daughter. On the negative side, the conflict of elements between the two flying stars brings sickness, which can affect the household members. Be careful with metallic objects, as injuries caused by them are indicated. Carry the Healing Herbs And Longevity Amulet for protection.

CENTER- 4/7 This highly inauspicious feng shui stars combination attracts theft, robbery, violence, and betrayal energy to everyone in the household this month. Place the Anti Burglary Plaque 2023 in the center. Love and romance luck are poor, and your spouse or partner might betray you. Clashing energies cause frequent disagreements and quarrels between loved ones and colleagues. Display the Trinity Of Apple in the center to promote harmony. Carry the anti-infidelity amulet. 


NORTHWEST 5/8 - Auspicious energy brought by monthly Wealth Star #8 attracts wealth, luck, abundance, good fortune, and career advancement to people who have their bedroom, family room, and the main door here. Place a Choy San, God Of Wealth, here to bolster the wealth star and carry the Three Sheep On A Mountain Amulet. Though wealth luck is good, refrain from taking high-risk ventures, especially gambling-related ones. Residents of this sector are prone to sickness. Carry the Healing Herbs And Longevity Amulet for protection. Trigger the wealth, inviting chi here with activities. Place the Five Element Pagoda in this sector to weaken the annual misfortune star #5.


WEST -6/9 - The #9 Magnifying monthly flying star strengthens the auspicious annual #6 Heaven Star, bringing heavenly luck that enhances windfalls, speculative luck, and mentor luck. Place a Yang Energy Amulet Plaque here to fire up the auspiciousness and carry a Jade Emperor KeychainWindfall Luck Amulet, to activate it. Wear the Citrine God of Wealth Bracelet to attract wealth luck.


NORTHEAST 7/1- Despite tough competition, you'll have the edge over your colleagues in your career luck. Carry the Victory Horse Amulet or Winning Vibrations Mirror for good career luck and display the Desktop Flag Of Victory, in the Northeast. Prosperity luck will show improvement. There is an indication of bloodshed and injury, so be extra careful when handling heavy or sharp objects. To minimize the negative effect, try to keep this sector quiet. Hang or carry the Magnificent Kwan Kung With 5 Flags amulet or display the Plaque in this sector to squash the betrayal star.


SOUTH - 8/2. Monthly #2 Illness Star combined with the #8 Wealth Star forming a powerful and lucky sum-of-ten combination. This Feng Shui phenomenon brings enhanced prosperity, affluence, business, and wealth luck. Display the Wealth Yantra Plaque to capture the Prosperity star's energy. Carry the Sum-of-Ten Amulet for added advantage. It is a good time for investing in properties and accumulating assets. Some health problems related to the heart, blood, and eyes are indicated because of the illness star, mainly affecting the horse and middle daughter. Place a bronze Dragon Turtle with Wulou here and carry a Healing Herbs And Longevity Amulet.


NORTH9/3. The #3 Argumentative monthly star brings severe tension and disagreements, which could lead to lawsuits or violent fights, especially if you live in a North facing house, your bedroom, office, or main door is located here, or you're Rat-born. Married couples and close relationships will suffer from quarrels and stress if you sleep here or your main entrance is located here. Place a Trinity of Apples  in the North as a Feng Shui cure. Keep this area quiet. Do not hang any wind-chimes or bells. Minimal TV and radio time here. Remove all live plants from this sector. Wear the White Jade Apple Amulet bracelet for extra protection. Activate the future prosperity star with 9 Rank Plaque.