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Feng Shui NORTH WEST Facing House


The auspicious Star 4, associated with romance and literary success, graces the Northwest sector this year, bringing delightful opportunities for residents of houses facing in that direction. To fully tap into this positive energy, strategic placement of Feng Shui lucky items is recommended. However, it's crucial to acknowledge the presence of Sui Po in the Northwest as well. Sui Po is always opposite Tai Sui, signifying the need to show respect to the God of the Year to ensure a smooth year. Here's a comprehensive guide for residents facing Northwest:

  1. Star 4 Benefits in the Northwest:

    • Star 4 brings the promise of romance and literary success to residents facing Northwest.
    • This is an excellent time for those in creative fields or pursuing academic endeavors.
    • Enhance the Northwest sector with symbols of romance and literary success, such 
    • Respecting Sui Po with Pi Yao:

      • Display a Pi Yao in the Northwest to show respect to the yearly tai Sui and seek its support for a smooth year. The Pi Yao is believed to help mitigate potential challenges.
      • Carrying a Pi Yao Bracelet:  Residents facing Northwest are advised to carry a Pi Yao bracelet for personal protection and to attract positive energies. The Pi Yao is known for its ability to ward off negative influences.

      • Lucky Charms for Romance and Academic Success:  Carry lucky charms associated with romance and academic success, such as symbols of love or educational achievements, to tap into the positive influences of Star 4.

      • Creating a Romantic and Studious Environment:  Foster a romantic and studious atmosphere within the home by keeping the Northwest sector well-lit, clutter-free, and adorned with decor that symbolizes love and wisdom.

      • Residents are encouraged to set personal goals related to romance and academic pursuits, aligning them with the positive energies brought by Star 4.


feng shui NORTH WEST facing house 2024

By strategically incorporating Feng Shui activations and respecting the presence of Sui Po with a Pi Yao display,

residents facing Northwest can create an environment that attracts romance, literary success, and overall positive energy. 

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