How to Use Feng Shui Wind Chimes and where to Place them

Chimes help to attract new energy, stimulate opportunities and blow away obstacles in your life. Our Chimes includes a red string to activate the effect of the cure. Remember that in Feng Shui, the color red is the most potent transformative color as it symbolizes fire and the energy that makes change happen.

And while this small detail of the red string can provide positive benefits, the sound from the chimes is the most potent aspect of this powerful object. Sound cures are effective at clearing away old and stagnant energy while simultaneously bringing new, positive energy to the space.

The clarity and tone of the ring is vital to the effectiveness of the chime. Our chimes are specially selected to provide a high quality sound, which is extremely important in the art of Feng Shui.

Chimes can be placed in both inside and outside spaces. Don’t worry if the chimes inside your house don’t ring on their own in the absence of wind. Simply activate by ringing the chime as you pass by, effectively creating positive chi on-demand.