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Feng Shui Bells & Benefits 



Feng Shui bells, known as wind chimes, promote good energy entering the home through sound and symbology. Bells can be hung near entrances or windows or placed strategically in other areas around the house for maximum benefit. Hanging bells can have a multifaceted appeal, encompassing aesthetics, sound, cultural traditions, spiritual beliefs, and practical uses. It's a simple yet meaningful way to add a touch of beauty to doors.


Here are the most famous symbols used in feng shui:

  • Double Carp Fish, for wealth and fortune
  • Elephant, for strength, protection of the home, and general luck.
  • Buddha, for protection, harmony, and calmness
  • Dragon & Phoenix, for marital happiness, is the yin-yang balance to harvest successful matrimonial bliss.
  • Two Dragons, for wealth, power, and abundance of opportunities.


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