Feng Shui Hanging Bells & Benefits 




Why are Bells so important in Feng Shui? These beautiful decorations promote good energy entering your home through the sound. Everytime a bell rings, stagnation is broken. This is why Feng Shui bells are often used after a clearing ritual, to find and break any hidden and blocked energy in a room. Apart from this, bells hold strong meaning and symbols, they can invite good fortune, prosperity and rolling in of good news. They all have different meanings and many of them come empowered with the endless red mystic knot, a symbol of endless fortune and love.

You can hang bells from any entrances and with any symbol you want! You can hang a bell from your office door to promote wealth and career luck or from your bedroom door to promote love. Hang one in your entrance and invite great overal fortune!

Most popular symbols featured in bells:

  • Double Carp Fish for wealth and fortune
  • Elephant for strength, protection of the home and general luck
  • Buddha for protection, harmony and calmness
  • Dragon & Phoenix for marital happiness, is the yin-yang balance to harvest successful matrimonial bliss.
  • Dragon symbolizes wealth, power and abundance of opportunities. Symbol of strong Yang energy