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TAI SUI 2024

TAI SUI 2024

Tai Sui is one of the most influential stars transiting each year. This formula tracks the movements of the planet Jupiter which is believed to influence the luck of those living on earth. This luck can be favorable if you have the Tai Sui on your side, receiving support and benefactor luck all year round. If the Tai Sui influence is negative, you can experience all kind of difficulties on your way. Never confront the Tai Sui or face him directly. During 2024 the Tai Sui will occupy the location SOUTHEAST.

To ensure you harness the positive influence of Tai Sui, consider carrying the Tai Sui Amulet in 2024. This amulet holds special significance, especially for individuals born under the signs of the Dragon, Dog, Sheep, and Ox. The Dog, being directly in conflict with Tai Sui, faces heightened challenges, making the amulet particularly beneficial. The Sheep and Ox, experiencing side clashes with Tai Sui, can also find support through this amulet. While the Dragon is positioned favorably, sharing a space with Tai Sui, it is essential to actively acknowledge and honor Tai Sui to fully unlock its potential for good fortune


Carry Tai Sui amulets and hang the Tai Sui plaque to have the Grand Duke Jupiter on your side

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