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Feng Shui Bracelet Meaning

 Feng Shui Bracelet Meaning, Benefits and Rules

What is the feng shui bracelet and how it works?


Feng Shui Bracelet Meaning
The feng shui bracelet symbolize wealth and good fortune. The Pixiu amulet is very popular among people who want to attract good luck in money and financial matters. This mystical creature has a voracity appetite for jewels and chase wealth for his owner.

Feng Shui Bracelet Rules

There are some basic rules to wear this bracelet in order to attract good luck and wealth.

Quality is key. The original bracelet is made with good quality materials, such as Gold, Silver and authentic crystals. The reason good materials are a must on this bracelet is to support the energy of the Pixiu. Cheap imitations with poor quality do not serve to the purpose. The Pixiu is a mystical creature with a large stomach filled with jewels. It is fed by precious metals, gold, silver, semi-precious stones, and jewels; therefore, only a good quality bracelet aligns with the pixiu energy and purpose.

Pixiu Head Direction

The pixiu is always chasing money, so the pixie's head must be facing outwards to allow to chase fortune.

Feng Shui Bracelet Benefits

The benefits of wearing the Pixiu bracelet is attracting good luck, money luck and protection The black obsidian, the other component of this bracelet  is a natural stone which posses  protective properties against bad energies.


Where to place my Pixiu bracelet at home.

The Pixiu bracelet must rest into a jewelry box or jewel bowl filled with other jewels, or semiprecious stones and money symbols to  feed the Pixiu  wealth energ . Do not place the Pixiu near the home entrance, for this purpose display the Pixiu Figure instead. The bracelet is made to wear. 

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( we don't sell the Chinese imitation version currently selling in the internet)

We produce our bracelets with genuine obsidian and 18K-24K gold plated Pixiu. Dazzling, beautiful, and elegant when worn. Free custom size. and resize. 



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