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the Flying Star #3 is associated with the Wood element and is often referred to as the "Conflict Star" or the "Quarrelsome Star." Here are some key aspects of the energy associated with Flying Star #3:

  1. Negative Aspects:

    • Conflict and Disagreements: Flying Star #3 is considered an inauspicious star associated with conflicts, arguments, and disagreements. Its presence in a particular sector may lead to increased tension and disharmony among occupants.
    • Legal Issues: This star is sometimes linked to legal problems or disputes. It's advisable to be cautious about legal matters when Flying Star #3 is prominent

The central sector of the home, is considered a significant and influential area. If a negative Flying Star, such as the Conflict Star (Flying Star #3) or any other unfavorable star, is located in the central sector, it can be considered particularly impactful.  The central area is believed to have an influencing effect on the energy of the entire living space. Therefore, if a negative star resides in the center, it may permeate its energy throughout the entire residence, potentially affecting the occupants' lives.

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