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Each year the annual Flying Star charts provide insights into the energies influencing a space. Placing Feng Shui cures and enhancers based on these charts can mitigate negative influences and enhance positive energies.


A Beginner's Guide to Arranging Your Home with Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars in 2024

Let's break down the auspicious and challenging sectors in 2024 and explore easy-to-follow Feng Shui remedies and activators to make the most of the positive energy this year.



1. Victory Star #1 - EAST Sector:

  • Positive Energy: This Lucky Star brings luck, positive omens, and a good reputation.
  • Enhance the Energy: Activate the East sector to boost your social standing and attract prosperity. Create a conducive environment for study and work, setting the stage for a positive 2024.

2. Illness Star #2 - SOUTHEAST Sector:

  • Challenge: Associated with illness and discomfort.
  • Remedies: Be cautious, especially if you have vulnerable family members. Use Feng Shui remedies like Wu Lous and Anti Illness symbols to counter the negative effects.

3. Quarrelsome Star #3 - CENTER Sector:

  • Challenge: Linked to conflict, disputes, and legal issues.
  • Neutralize Negative Energies: Incorporate Fire element remedies and Anti Conflict symbols. Add red decor or warm lighting to temper potential conflicts and maintain a harmonious environment.

4. Academic & Romantic Star #4 - NORTHWEST Sector:

  • Positive Energy: Favorable for academic pursuits, acquiring knowledge, and romantic relationships.
  • Activation Tips: Encourage studying in the Northwest sector for students. For couples, hang up wedding photos or images symbolizing family growth. Counteract the Annual affliction "Sui Po" with Water element Feng Shui objects.

5. Misfortune Star #5 - WEST Sector:

  • Challenge: Represents bad luck in all areas.
  • Remedies: Do not activate this star. Weaken negative energies with Feng Shui remedies like the 5 Element Pagoda or Metal White Umbrella. Invoke blessings of the White Umbrella Goddess for spiritual protection.

6. Heaven & Mentoring Support Star #6 - NORTHEAST Sector:

  • Positive Energy: Associated with career success, power, and heavenly support.
  • Maximize Benefits: Activate the northeast with The Heaven Seal, Jade Emperor Figure, and The Gold 6 Coins for professional recognition and career advancement.

7. Robbery and Financial Loss Star #7 - SOUTH Sector:

  • Challenge: Potential for conflicts, disruptions, and financial loss.
  • Precautions: Avoid activation and minimize time spent in this sector. Be cautious due to the presence of the #7 Star and the Natural Disaster Star in 2024.

8. Prosperity and Wealth Star #8 - NORTH Sector:

  • Positive Energy: Represents material gain, financial success, and rewards.
  • Harmonize Energies: Use Metal element Feng Shui remedies like figurines or wind chimes in the North sector. Display the Anti-Robbery Rhinoceros and Elephant with the Staff for protection.

9. Multiplier Star #9 - SOUTHWEST Sector:

  • Positive Energy: Represents the multiplication of positive events and gains.
  • Activation Tips: Display Feng Shui enhancers for the Southwest sector to harness professional promotions, family expansion, and enhanced beauty.


  • Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter): Southeast sector (112.5° to 127.5°). Associated with worries, material losses, obstacles, and illnesses.
  • Year Breaker (Sui Po): West sector (292.5° to 307.5°). Linked to potential financial loss, obstacles, illnesses, and disappointments.
  • Three Killings (San Sha): South sector (142.5° to 217.5°). Signifies potential theft, disasters, and professional setbacks.

Final Tips:

  • Avoid Renovations: Minimize potential negative influences by avoiding renovations in the SE, WEST, SOUTH and CENTER of your residence.

By incorporating these beginner-friendly Feng Shui tips for 2024, you can create a harmonious and positive environment in your home, inviting prosperity, love, and success throughout the year. Happy arranging!