Feng Shui Forecast 2023

Feng Shui 2023 Forecast

This year is of the kua number #4 (small wood / soft wood), with the #4 flying star in the center dictating this year’s theme and the overall influence we will be seeing this year. It is the star of romance, travel and knowledge. It is a year of new partnerships, movement, growth, change, fertility, creation, group gatherings, collaborative projects, recognition, and travel.

There is a lot of support this year for the feminine, especially those with an honorable and well-intentioned approach. Being flexible and adaptable is important this year as the energy is like wind, it can stir things- but avoid falling into indecisiveness or instability as this will stagnate things and prevent you from taking action. It’s important that you maintain a stable health routine that will support you. Like a tree, have a good solid foundation and know when to bend in the wind. Keep in mind what will truly benefit you in the long term to avoid becoming overwhelmed or easily distracted by what the wind may bring.

This year brings changes, it brings movement. Meeting someone new on foreign land, or meeting someone from a foreign land. Long distance communications. Marriage between two families; combining resources. Weddings; gatherings of people. Families coming together from different places. Honeymoons to distant places. Secret affairs. Short-term affairs.

It is a fertile time for conception of new projects. Any project with collaborative efforts will be especially beneficial this year. It is recommended to be in good standing with colleagues and the people around you. It’s a year for new partnerships and alliances.
The #4 is also a scholarly star, one of academic pursuit, new knowledge. Opportunity to embark on a new career; career change; learning a new skill.
Good year for windfall luck, profits, sudden opportunities.
There is excellent support for those who are in the fields of literary arts, public service, transport, communications, construction, trade, or pursuing academics.