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TAI SUI 2024

TAI SUI 2024

 The Tai Sui, also known as the God of the Year in Chinese culture, is a powerful celestial force believed to govern all earthly matters. With the ability to influence the general mood of the year, Tai Sui can exhibit both benevolent and ruthless qualities. Chinese tradition holds that Tai Sui oversees the luck of every home and individual animal sign, making it crucial to pay homage to this deity year after year. Being in Tai Sui's favor brings mentorship, benefactor support, and good luck, while incurring his displeasure can result in various challenges.

In 2024, Tai Sui will take up residence in the Southeast (SE) sector, aligning with the location associated with the Dragon sign.

Avoid any disruptive activities that may disturb the energies in this area, such as renovations or loud noises, including drilling, hacking, or digging.

Additionally, it is considered unfavorable to face the direction of Tai Sui. Under no circumstances should you confront the Tai Sui by facing SE in 2024, even if it happens to be a fortunate direction based on your KUA number. Ensure that all seating arrangements at home and in the office adhere to this rule to prevent inadvertently angering Tai Sui.

To harness Tai Sui's guardianship and mitigate any potential adverse effects, consider carrying the Tai Sui Amulet. In 2024, this amulet is particularly beneficial for individuals born under the signs of the Dragon, Dog, Sheep, and Ox. The Dog sign directly confronts Tai Sui and is most afflicted, while the Sheep and Ox signs experience side clashes. The Dragon sign shares a space with Tai Sui, offering potential good fortune, albeit not freely. These four signs must honor Tai Sui to unlock their full potential.


DIRECTION SE1. (112.6° to 127.5°)