Back Left: symbolizes growth and wealth , a wealth bowl or God of wealth are a great enhancer here.. 

Middle Left : To strengthen commercial relationships place the Fur. Fur brings better Relations in Business.

Front Left: Energize learning by keeping a bowl of calcite crystals here. Yellow Calcite increases memory and learning abilities

Back Center: This spot on the desk represents you – your image and character ( fame and recognition). Place a Bejeweled peacock with glorious colorful feathers, or a figure that represent Success in work such the Green Tara or The King Gesar along with your business cards.

Middle Center: This area of your desk must remain free. The middle center of your desk represents your health. Energize it with green color or place Black tourmaline stones to protect yourself from EMF radiation emanating for your PC.

Front Center: Front Center represents your career; place your computer here. Use shades of red for motivation and shades of green for new opportunities.

Back Right: Display a pink crystal to encourage successful relationships.

Middle Right: Enhance your flow of creativity with a small cluster of quartz.

Front Right: Encourage the presence of helpful people and mentor support; Display a plaque of Qui Ren and  keep your projects, client files.

Below, quick cures and symbols for your desk based on the bagua map.