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Feng Shui WEST Facing House CURES for 2024

The presence of the Misfortune Star 5 in the West this year signals potential challenges for houses facing this direction. Residents may experience a heightened susceptibility to losses and misfortunes associated with this star. To counterbalance these negative influences, incorporating protective measures, such as carrying protection amulets, becomes crucial.

  1. Understanding the Misfortune Star 5:

    • Misfortune Star 5 is often associated with various setbacks, financial losses, and unexpected obstacles.
    • Houses facing West will be more vulnerable to the adverse effects of this star during the current year.
  2. Implementing Protective Feng Shui Measures:

    • Use metal elements in the West sector to weaken the negative influence of Misfortune Star 5. This can include metal decor, wind chimes, or metal sculptures.
    • Place protective symbols like the Five Element Pagoda to counteract misfortune and invite positive energies.
  3. Carrying Protection Amulets:

    • Residents of houses facing West are advised to carry protection amulets as a personal safeguard against the Misfortune Star's influence.
    • Amulets such as the Five Element Pagoda, Pi Xiu, The Doble Dorje and Kalachakra Symbol are believed to provide added protection and ward off negative energies.
    • Avoiding Major Changes or Renovations: Given the presence of the Misfortune Star, it's advisable to avoid major changes or renovations in the West sector to prevent activating or intensifying unfavorable energies.


feng shui west facing house 2024

Residents facing West during a year influenced by the Misfortune Star 5 should approach their living spaces

with an intention to counteract negative energies and invite positivity.

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