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Real Feng Shui Bracelet reviews

Reviewing the Real Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet





Pixiu Meaning and How this Bracelet Works

The Pixiu is an amulet that people wear to attract wealth, fortune, and protection. Business people, investors, and gamblers use the Pixiu to attract wealth luck, increase business opportunities and windfall.  It is said that wearing a Pi Xiu can bring you good fortune when gambling.

Used to Acquire and Preserve Wealth

The Pixiu figure is found in many casinos and windfall venues in Asia to ward off evil spirits and gather wealth. In modern times, more and more business people choose to display a Pi Xiu in their business premises or at home to accumulate wealth because of the intense market competition. According to the ancient sages, fate is predestined, but fortune can be changed.  


Why choosing Feng Shui Bracelets and How they works?

A feng shui bracelet is believed to imbue the wearer with the bracelet's energies; the energy that generates or represents, e.g., good luck, protection, love, health, or wealth. The energy the Pixiu generate is "wealth."  This bracelet must be worn on the left hand facing out to let the Pixiu gather fortune from all directions. When it is not worn, the  Pixiu bracelet must rest in a jewel bowl to nourish the Pixiu energy.

If you are looking to change your luck, increase your money, fortune, and wealth, make sure you get a good quality bracelet that serves the purpose. 


Quality is Important

What you wear empowers you. The purpose of this bracelet is to attract wealth, and the quality must be of the same frequency. Wearing a cheap bracelet will not serve the purpose because the Pixiu represents wealth, fortune, and good luck and works as a magnet drawing that energy.

Our bracelets are made of genuine Obsidian and 18K Gold plated Pixiu.

They look elegant because of the quality. 





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