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New Year's Wealth Attraction Ritual

One of the things we most wish for is for a financially comfortable year and to attract wealth and prosperity. So keeping in mind how powerful rituals are, perform this Feng Shui Money Attraction Ritual to activate fortune into your life.

How to perform the ritual:

1. Create a Wealth Spot/Altar preferentially in the southeast corner of your home  placing objects that represent wealth, such a bowl filled with money symbols, Wealth vases, Money Buddhas, God of Wealth, coins, citrine, pyrite crystals etc. All these items will attract the energy of wealth because an altar magnifies its power.

2. Place a water fountain if possible, water symbolize and attracts wealth. Display the money Buddha or God of Wealth next to the fountain, The Dzambala God is a must-have symbol to invite fortune into your home. We do recommend water fountains with water accumulation for "wealth accumulation" like a basin area. 

3. Burn incenses to attract the money energy such tangerine, orange or bergamot orange, once or twice a week and smudge the incense throughout the entire house while focusing in your wealth attraction intention, then leave it burning in the southeast corner of the living room. 

Important: Check and fix any drains or leaking water int he house to prevent the "money leaking effect".

More information on how to fix this, in our Bathroom Cures Catalog.

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