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New Year's Wealth Attraction Ritual

Money is just energy – it flows. Or it doesn’t. Money just simply is.


Are you ready to attract prosperity in its many forms? it’s just waiting for you to call it forth. Like all that is, money exists first in the etheric realm as an energy, then manifests in the material realm. All you wish for is already there, waiting in the ether. But your goals cannot be achieved when you have blockages in place to prevent them from coming to you. These blocks can be literal or figurative. Most blocks, in fact, are mental. Reset your mind and cleanse your aura.

Call on your guides, angels, or deities for help. Invoke God or Goddess of Wealth and Abundance. Call on Kuan Yin, the great remover of obstacles, if you feel stuck. Your guides are watching over you. Rewrite outdated belief systems no longer serving your Highest Good. Let them go.

Remember, money is just energy – it flows. Or it doesn’t. Money just simply is. Yet many create a story and belief around money. You may give it all the power, believing that it has power over you versus power with you to create the things you seek. And what stops the flow is fear and poverty consciousness.  

So keeping in mind how powerful rituals are, you can use it to invoke your abundance energy and cement your intentions. 

Cleanse to shift the energy at home first. Then smudge for abundance and happiness. Being happy and having a positive mood, raise the personal vibration. People that vibrate in a higher frequency, always draw great things in their lives. Surround yourself with meaningful decoration at home to help you manifest your intentions and attract the right energy. If your intention is to attract money and financial abundance, you must create a wealthy spot at home in order to attract the same energy. 

Yes, energy is attracted to energy. The more energy that is collected in one area the more attraction there is.


How to perform the ritual 

Smudge the entire home to remove old energy and negative thoughts. Yes, thoughts are energy floating in the air.  Your thoughts are energy, your words are energy, and your actions are energy. You create manifestations through thoughts, words, and actions that use energy to form objects, conditions, and experiences. As you bring more energy to any thought, any conversation, and any action, you increase your powers of creation.


1. Create a Wealth Altar preferentially in the southeast corner of your home placing objects that represent wealth, such as bowls filled with money symbols, Wealth vases, Money Buddhas, Wealth Deities, gold coins, crystals, etc. All these items will attract the energy of wealth because an altar magnifies its power.

Burn incenses to attract money such as tangerine, orange, bergamot or money drawing. One stick/a day as a ritual of attraction and focus in your intention.

Cleanse the energy if any argument or negative situation took place in the room, negative situations lowers the energy. 

Important: Check and fix any water leaking in he house to prevent the "money leaking effect".

More information on how to fix this, in our Bathroom Cures Catalog.

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