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NORTHWEST- Mentors and Helpful People


Attracting helpful people IE. a mentor is an important key to success and luck in both our personal and professional lives and is represented by the Feng Shui element of Metal. This Feng Shui area is located in the Northwest of your home and office. This area is very influential, as it has to do with friends and contacts that can help you thrive in your area of work on the road to success.

When this area is activated with Feng Shui cures and principles, this will help attract powerful mentors that will help you flourish in life. Not only this, but it will also help you attract clients, customers, and friends.
Get treated fairly and honestly and even connect with your spiritual beliefs as well as receive inspiration and guidance.

Use Metal element accents and colors, such as greys and whites as well as powerful Feng Shui symbolism to help you attract these benefits.