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CENTER- Harmony & Well-Being


The Center of your Bagua area can sometimes be tricky to Feng Shui, but it is very important to find out where it is and know if it isn't "hurting" your Feng Shui balance at home.
The Center of your home symbolizes your health as well as the harmony, balance, and well-being of the entire home. As the center will affect all other areas. It is the middle of the scale, it is the stability that connects to all other Bagua areas.

The Center is associated with the Earth element, so accents and decor can be added in these tones which will also create a sense of tranquility.

Create a Feng Shui Center, with cures that resonate with harmony and tranquility. However, as mentioned before, the center of homes can sometimes be tricky, as it is very likely that it is occupated by a wall or sometimes even a staircase, bathroom or another busy area. Try to create as much positive and grounding Feng Shui energy here as possible by curing this area.