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SOUTH- Fame & Reputation


The Fame and Reputation area is located in the South of your Feng Shui Bagua and works as a very important energy spot in any space it's located. If this area is activated in your home and your office, your recognition, as well as your influence will be highly boosted.
When activating this area in your business or office, this will strengthen your public image, if it is not properly activated it will appear weak. You will see an immediate effect when activating this sector.

Place fire energy cures as well as fire element accents and decor here, or any other element that nourishes fire, in this case, wood.
In this area, you want to heighten your inner light and power, the essence of your fame and influence.
This area represents who you are and your personality traits. Every time you receive visits or hold an important meeting, your South area will be your power and influence area. This "Fame Spot" when properly cured, will make it easier to convince people and close deals.

Display Fire energy cures here, lighting candles or incense is also a great idea.

Make sure this area is always well lit. Display imagery, plaques or symbols that reflect success and accomplishment.