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24 Mountains 2023

Feng Shui 2023

24 Mountains Chart


The Small Auspicious attracts fortune luck for Snake and Dragon signs in the SOUTHEAST sector.


The General Star brings authority and power, benefits the Rat sign in work and projects, it is located in the NORTH.

The Heaven Star brings windfall luck and heaven luck to the Ox and Tiger Sign. Carry the Heaven Seal amulet to capture this spectacular luck from new opportunities, abundance, and good fortune. 


Sadly, bad stars bring misfortune and harmful energy to zodiac signs, Boar, Horse, Rooster, Sheep, Monkey, and Dog. These signs must carry amulets to stay protected from negative influences.


Tai Sui- Grand Duke Jupiter brings obstacles and misfortune to Horse, Rabbit, Rooster, and Rat sign; carry the annual Tai Sui amulet to appease him.


The Tai Sui is located in the EAST 2 ( 82.6- 97.5). Display the Pi Yao or Tai Sui plaque to appease him and keep this area with low activity, avoiding renovating. 






Afflicted zodiac signs can apply remedies and carry amulets to protect against negative stars.

Favored signs can capture and magnify the lucky stars by displaying enhancers and carrying lucky amulets.




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