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Card amulet, Key-chains, Plaques and Pi Yao Figures.


Introducing the 2023 Tai Sui Amulets, featuring the God of the Year!

Unlock the power of Feng Shui with this special Tai Sui Amulet, designed to secure the support and blessings of the God of the Year (Tai Sui). The Tai Sui's favor can bring an abundance of positive outcomes, while incurring his wrath can lead to misfortune and mishaps. According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar's 60-year cycle, each year is governed by a specific Tai Sui (六十太岁), responsible for overseeing the well-being of the mortal world. Aligning with the Tai Sui's goodwill is an essential practice in Feng Shui and Chinese culture.

While anyone can benefit from carrying the Tai Sui amulet to receive the Tai Sui's benevolence, it is especially crucial for those born under the Rabbit, Rooster, Horse, and Rat signs. As the Tai Sui shifts to the EAST sector, individuals with these animal signs face a higher risk of direct or side conflicts with this mighty deity. To safeguard yourself from potential difficulties and obstacles that can arise unexpectedly, posing threats to your career, business, relationships, and health, it is of utmost importance to carry this powerful Feng Shui Amulet.

Embrace the protective energies of the 2023 Tai Sui Amulets.