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(7th July 2023 – 7th August 2023)


The monthly flying stars provide valuable information about the prevailing energy patterns within a space for a specific month.. People can use this knowledge to make informed decisions regarding important activities, such as starting a new project, signing contracts, etc.

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#3 Quarrelsome Star gravitates towards the central position on the chart, indicating increased tensions and a surge in lawsuits and legal complications.

Remedial measures are necessary for the sectors positioned in the centre, southeast, south, and west.

The most favorable and auspicious axis lies in the northeast, north, and northwest directions. The sectors with the highest luck and prosperity are the northern sector, associated with wealth, and the southwest sector, renowned for its accumulation of positive energy.



SOUTHEAST  2-3. The southeastern sector is afflicted by the Illness Star, posing health risks for individuals residing in homes or bedrooms facing this direction. It is crucial for them to prioritize their well-being and take necessary precautions. The energies in this sector can deplete your inner chi, leading to illnesses, mental stress, or vulnerability to negative spiritual influences. The presence of the #2 star also increases the likelihood of accidents and injuries. It is advisable for elderly individuals or those already unwell to avoid spending extended periods in this sector. To remedy the situation, displaying a Wu Lou can be beneficial. Carrying the Healing Herbs & Longevity Amulet or wearing the Blue Medicine Buddha provides protection against harmful spirits.

SOUTH 8-7.  The South sector is influenced by the presence of the #7 Star, which brings forth strong energies associated with loss and betrayal. If your home faces the South or if your bedroom is situated in this sector, there is a heightened risk of being deceived, robbed, or betrayed by someone you trust. It is essential to exercise caution and be discerning about whom you place your trust in during this period. It is advisable to keep a low profile, refrain from excessive socializing, and avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. To counteract the potential negative effects, displaying the Anti-Robbery Plaque or Royal Elephant and Cosmic Rhinoceros in this sector can help control the energy of burglary. Carrying protective symbols like the Kuan Kung with 5 Dragons Flags can serve as a deterrent against those who harbor ill intentions towards you and your reputation, this amuelts also served to get protection against the Star #3. Additionally, carrying the Wealth Lock Amulet can help safeguard against financial losses.

SOUTHWEST 1-9. The Southwest sector experiences a surge of good fortune with the presence of the Magnification Star, which strengthens the resident Victory Star and combines with it to form the powerful Sum-of-Ten combination. These auspicious energies bring about favorable circumstances for career advancement and business opportunities, facilitating the swift completion of plans. They have a positive impact on wealth accumulation, reputation enhancement, and contribute to a more secure future. The Southwest sector is exceptionally fortunate and should be activated accordingly. This month is particularly auspicious for individuals residing in homes facing the southwest, occupying bedrooms in the southwest sector, and matriarchs within households. To harness the beneficial energies in this sector, it is recommended to display the Nine Rank Badge Plaque which symbolize good fortune. Carrying the Sum-of-Ten Amulet can help attract completion luck. For those striving for career success, placing the Dragon Tortoise Ru Yi in the southwest section of your office can prove beneficial.

EAST 2-1. The East sector is blessed with an abundance of success and recognition luck, making it an ideal area to activate for those who are pursuing academic endeavors or seeking career advancement. The presence of the #1 Star in this sector enhances courage, sharpens intuition, and cultivates strong leadership abilities. It attracts new opportunities and fosters positive transformations in various aspects of life, enabling individuals to excel and surpass their competition. To fully harness this favorable energy, it is recommended to display the Joyous Windhorse in the East sector and carry the Windhorse Success Amulet. Students can benefit from spending more time in this sector, as it is infused with creative energy. However, it is important to ensure that the area does not become excessively noisy, as this could activate the annual #2 Star, which is associated with illness. To counteract any potential negative effects, displaying the Great Magic Tortoise in the East sector can help suppress illness chi and promote overall well-being.

CENTER 4-3. The central sector is heavily influenced by the Quarrelsome Star, which generates conflict chi and negatively impacts relationships. This star's presence can lead to frequent heated arguments, an increase in legal issues, and a rise in quarrels between spouses and family members. In the workplace, the #3 Star exacerbates disputes, hindering progress and damaging prospects for everyone involved. Making decisions in a state of anger can result in missed opportunities and problems with authorities. It is crucial to exercise self-control and avoid succumbing to anger. To suppress the conflict chi in this sector, display the Trinity of Apples. To safeguard friendships and working relationships, wearing the Double Dragon turtle Bracelet. Married couples should prioritize the preservation of their love bonds by displaying the Marriage Lock on their bedside table.

WEST 6-5. The West sector is considered dangerous due to the presence of the monthly Five Yellow star. It is advisable to refrain from disturbing this sector for the next few weeks. Activating negative vibrations in this area can lead to unwanted consequences. Avoid activities such as playing loud music, knocking, hacking, or any form of renovations in this sector. If your front door or bedroom is located in the West, cosmic winds may bring obstacles, illness, and misfortune chi your way. Relationships may suffer due to increased conflict chi, and financial losses are possible. To counteract the negative effects of the Five Yellow star, displaying the Emerald Pagoda and carrying the Pagoda Amulet can help neutralize its influence. Additionally, carrying the 28 HUM Amulet can serve to dispel dangers that may cause physical and emotional harm.

NORTHEAST  7-6The Northeast sector experiences a positive shift in luck with the arrival of the Heaven Star. Residents of the NE may be pleasantly surprised by an unexpected windfall. Previously daunting obstacles may now dissolve on their own, clearing the path for success. Additionally, mentor luck is present, offering valuable guidance and support in both career and personal endeavors. To fully maximize these fortunate energies, it is advisable to activate the NE sector by displaying the Jade Emperor Windchime or Door Hanger To enhance windfall luck, the Dog & Rabbit Windfall Activator can be utilized, while the Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman attracts powerful support. Utilize this sector frequently to benefit from the auspicious energies. However, it is important to also have the Anti-Robbery Plaque in this sector and carry the Rhino & Elephant Bracelet to maintain control over the annual #7 star and protect against potential theft or robbery.

NORTH 9-8. The North sector holds tremendous wealth and prosperity luck, making it highly auspicious to activate for individuals seeking to improve their financial situation, increase income, and accumulate assets with significant growth potential. Those engaged in business ventures can also expect great returns. To enhance the wealth energies in the North sector, it is recommended to display wealth enhancers such as Wealth vases, Bowls, or The God of Wealth . Residents can also wear the Five Dzambhala Bracelet to attract wealth luck specific to the month.  By activating and utilizing the North sector with these wealth-enhancing measures, individuals can greatly improve their financial prospects and invite abundance into their lives.

NORTHWEST 5-4Northwest sector brings a surge of creative energies and scholastic luck, making it a favorable area for residents seeking academic success. The presence of the #4 Star stimulates the emergence of brilliant new ideas. To activate this energy, displaying the Manjushri Wisdom Stupa is recommended. Students can benefit by carrying the Wisdom Pagoda with Scholastic Talisman, which enhances concentration, understanding, and memory retention abilities. Additionally, the Northwest sector also influences love and romance luck. For those searching for a life partner, displaying the 9 Tailed White Fox Lock in this sector can help attract love and potential partners.By leveraging the auspicious energies of the Northwest sector, individuals can enjoy both academic success and the possibility of finding love and romance in their lives.


 Read more about the benefits of utilizing the monthly flying star in Feng Shui.