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As of February 4th, 2024, we bid farewell to Period 8 and usher in the next 20-year phase known as Period 9 in the realm of Flying Star Feng Shui. This transition marks a pivotal moment as the stars shift into new Chi states, introducing a host of fresh influences.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, there are a total of 9 periods, each corresponding to a sector in the Lo Shu Magic Square. Each period spans 20 years and is governed by a specific number, with each number associated with distinct qualities, offering insights into the prevailing luck patterns.

What can we anticipate during Period 9?

During Period 9, the number 9 takes center stage, heralding fame, fortune, new opportunities, and increased wealth. While the number 8 continues to be auspicious for wealth, its influence wanes in Period 9, potentially revealing some of its negative attributes, such as weakened health and vitality.

Conversely, the number 9 becomes more potent and auspicious. As the ruling number for this period, it supersedes the number 8 as the Star of Current Prosperity, possessing the ability to guide individuals toward greater health, wealth, and happiness. Additionally, being the magical number of completion, it signifies the end of the single-digit sequence, symbolizing full-circle completion and prosperity. Activating the auspicious energies of the number 9 is believed to enhance the likelihood of successful endings and favorable outcomes.

To harness the power of 9, consider incorporating it into various aspects of your life, such as phone numbers, car registrations, and membership IDs. Arrange decorative items in your home in groups of 9, preferably accompanied by auspicious symbols. Noteworthy activators for Period 9 include the Lucky 9 Enhancer, the Double 9 Plaque, and the 9 Dragon Plaque in Royal Blue. Artwork that aligns with the energy of 9 is also highly effective in amplifying its positive influence.



Each period adopts the characteristics of the ruling Trigram, shaping its unique essence. Period 8, which we are on the verge of departing, is governed by the Trigram KEN, embodying the Earth element and traditionally associated with stability and growth. In contrast, the impending Period of 9 is under the rule of the Trigram LI. This Trigram is aligned with the Fire element, signifying brilliance and innovation, albeit accompanied by the potential for instability and flux.

The surge in Fire-related industries is anticipated, extending beyond literal fire and heat to encompass emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. These forward-thinking industries are poised to enjoy a significant advantage over the next two decades, igniting change and shaping a revolutionized way of life and work.

However, due to the inherently volatile nature of Fire, Period 9 is likely to be more tumultuous compared to the relatively stable Period 8. A time of swift transformation awaits, where developments can unfold in the blink of an eye. While the opportunities for progress are abundant, it is crucial to acknowledge the accompanying risks. Implementing effective safeguards during this period becomes imperative to navigate the dynamic landscape successfully.


The Chi energies permeating every home, office, and building are poised for substantial transformations in luck patterns, particularly after February 4th, 2024. Premises constructed or renovated during Period 8 are anticipated to undergo a decline in Chi energy and vitality. Consequently, residents may experience a corresponding downturn in their luck, as previously effective practices may no longer yield the same results.

To sustain ongoing good fortune, it becomes imperative to ensure that the feng shui of your home remains current and harmonized with the energies of the new Period.