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How to spot a fake Feng Shui bracelet

How to spot a fake Feng Shui bracelet



Two key points you should check before buying a feng shui Pixiu bracelet.



Unfortunately, 90% of Pixiu bracelets offered on the market are imitation, made with cheap materials, mostly black glass simulating obsidian. The metal pixie is painted in matte gold color or electroplated in gold, tarnishing very soon, compared to the natural and elegant brilliance of real gold.



Another critical factor is the source where they are created. The Pixiu bracelet, like any other feng shui product, relies on its energy; that is why it is crucial the crystal quality and the source, from the moment it is created until it reaches your hands.  

Most of the bracelets are purchased on aliexpress for $ 1-5. Yes, sad but real. You have to see the photographs of the designs and compare them with those sold on Amazon, eBay, and many online stores. The same bracelets are sold for $ 20 to $ 45, promising that they are real. If the average cost is $ 2.00, do you think the quality is good? Of course not. Many websites and individuals have emerged lately selling these bracelets. If quality and source are not your priority then, buying from aliexpress will save you a lot of money. 

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There are many well-crafted YouTube videos claiming they sell the real bracelet with Hyper inflated reviews built inside their web pages not matching with tons of 1 star review on public platforms. 


Do your research and get a good one!