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Stop Lossing Money! 5 Thing to check and Fix right now



In feng shui, a bad layout in your floor plan can bring money loss. Most of the time, these problems can be fixed by arranging the furniture or applying simple cures.




1) A front door aligned directly to a back door or window

This problem causes the energy to enter and go out quickly. In feng shui, the goal is to keep the good energy inside the house; imagine the energy like a stream of water entering your home; the Chi (energy) needs to flow freely around the space, circulating in a meandering way. A front door aligned to a back door or large window will cause the energy to enter and leave straight forward. 


Fixing a front door aligned to a back door or window

  • You can place shades/curtains on a window to slow down the Chi.
  • Place an indoor potted plant near the entrance to slow down and redirect the Chi.
  • Hang a faceted crystal ball 40 mm anywhere between doors.
  • Place a red rug round shaped anywhere between the door or window. 


2) A front door in direct line to the staircase will cause the called rolling out of money, and it also applies to doors aligned to a wall.

Ways to fix this problem:

  • If the wall is less than five feet away creates a block in energy. You can open up the energy by directing the eye to the right or left of the wall with a captivating object or a water fountain which attracts the flow of energy quickly. 
  • Place a Rubber plant near the base of the stair and another one on the top.
  • Hang a faceted crystal between the door and the staircase.


 3) A kitchen directly visible when you open the front door brings misfortune.

Ways to fix it:

  • Place a rubber plant to hide the stove view from the entrance.
  • A slim fancy beaded contain also make to job, 
  • Use a room divider screen to hide the kitchen or stove view from the entrance.
  • You can also Install a decorative roller shade ( Ikea carries beautiful options, slim and decoratives that can be installed from the ceiling)  
  • Cure it by hanging a five-tube metal chime between the stove and the entrance 


4) A Toilet or Bathroom in direct view when you open the door.


Like the stove, you need to cure this issue immediately because the bathroom energy cause money drains.

  • Keep the bathroom door closed all the time, and install a simple door closer if needed.
  • Keep the toilet lid closed all the time.
  • Use a room divider to hide the bathroom
  • Apply the earth element inside the bathroom; this could be by painting one or more walls in earthy colors. Use rugs or decorations in earthy tones. 


5) A Bad entrance 

Creating a good entrance allows good Chi-positive energy to enter the home. The front door is also referred to as the mouth of Chi, the energy portal.


  • Keep the Main Entrance Door Clean and Tidy.
  • Remove Clutter and Obstacles.
  • Create an Inviting Space.
  • Lighting is vital in the front door because it brings in the fire element.
  • If you have a narrow or dark entrance, cure it by hanging a five tubes metal chime. 
  • Avoid living shoes outside or inside near the entrance.
  • Remove any sharp or pointed objects directed toward the front door, and watch out for some architectural details that create feng shui challenges. 
  • Place a rubber plant or rounded leaves plant at the entrance, if possible, on each side of the door to flank the entrance. Medium to large round or oval shapes is the most indicated because they represent the shape of money, coins, and ingots. 


  • Finally, you must check at home the annual location of two negative stars causing money loss. Star 7 causes money loss and robbery.Losses related to cheating and betrayal, and unexpected expenses. Star 5 cause all kinds of misfortune, including money loss and severe financial issues.
  • If your house is facing WEST or sitting WEST ( the back side of the house has doors or large windows), you must place additional protection to prevent losses, such as locking doors, securing windows, locking parked cars, etc. 
  • Be careful while driving to avoid car accidents that may cause extra expenses. Be cautious about money transactions, signing contracts, or making other financial decisions this year if you live in a WEST HOUSE or occupy a room in this housing sector.  
  • Star number 5 is located in the center of the house, so everybody is affected this year by the misfortune star. If you are experiencing financial loss, carry some amulet with you and place the five-element pagoda in the center to suppress the bad energy.