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The Importance of Symbology in Feng Shui

How Feng Shui use Symbology to draw Good Energy at Home

Symbols and meaningful objects embed energy into a person's conscious and subconscious mind. They can be used to create positive affirmations that help manifest desired outcomes, attract prosperity, and bring good luck. Symbols can also be used as reminders of goals or dreams that you want to achieve. By looking at the symbol regularly, it will help reinforce your intentions and keep them in the forefront of your mind.

Feng shui practice use special decorative objects to attract different types of luck; for example, wearing a Black Obsidian Pixiu bracelet is said to bring good fortune and protection from harm. Other symbols, such as the Double Dorje is believed to ward off negative energy and all kinds of harm . Additionally, certain gemstones like amethyst or citrine are thought to have healing properties that help promote emotional balance and well-being.

Using symbols at home include displaying a Laughing  Buddha statue to bring peace and harmony or, The God of Wealth, which is an important symbol in feng shui to bring money luck and abundance. Money symbols must be placed in the wealth sector located in the southeast of your home or room. There are lots of feng shui objects to attract different types of luck, they exude the energy that represent. 

The Feng shui practice involves creating an environment that promotes well-being, encourages positive energy flow, and invites good luck into the home.

To apply feng shui at home, start by de-cluttering and organizing your living environment. The Bagua map can help you identify which areas need more attention and how to balance them according to the principles of feng shui. You should also incorporate elements such as plants, water features, powerful symbols, crystals, mirrors, wind chimes, and artwork that have positive energy connotations in order to draw good luck and fortune into your home.

To start, check the Bagua Map below and visit each area to apply Auspicious Decoration at Home.