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Using the Feng Shui Bagua map at home involves a few steps to determine the layout and placement of various elements.

Here's a guide on how to use the Bagua map effectively:

1. Obtain a floor plan: Start by obtaining a floor plan or drawing of your home. This will serve as a reference for applying the Bagua map.
2. Familiarize yourself with the Bagua map: The Bagua map is a grid that consists of nine sections or areas, each representing a specific aspect of life. The sections are Wealth/Abundance, Fame/Reputation, Love/Relationships, Family, Health, Creativity/Children, Knowledge/Wisdom, Career, and Helpful People/Travel. Study the map and understand the corresponding areas.
3. Align the map with your main entrance:  Place the Bagua map over your floor plan or space, aligning the direction of your main entrance. For example, if your main entrance faces WEST, align the Bagua map with the WEST direction.
4. Assign the Bagua areas to the corresponding cardinal directions: Once you've aligned the map, each area of the Bagua will correspond to a specific cardinal direction.

Here's a general guide:

  • §  North: Career
  • §  Northeast: Knowledge/Wisdom
  • §  East: Family
  • §  Southeast: Wealth/Abundance
  • §  South: Fame/Reputation
  • §  Southwest: Love/Relationships
  • §  West: Creativity/Children
  • §  Northwest: Helpful People/Travel
  • §  Center: Health

Enhance each area: Once you've marked the areas, focus on enhancing each aspect according to Feng Shui principles. Here are some general guidelines for each area:

Wealth/Abundance: Enhance with symbols of prosperity like a wealth bowl or vase, plants, or a representation of abundance such as a God of Wealth.

Fame/Reputation: Use items that symbolize recognition and success, such as awards, diplomas, The Victory Banner, Running Horses, A phoenix, or a Peacock figure representing personal success and recognition. Decorate with red color accents.

Love/Relationships: Place items that promote love and harmony, such as pairs of objects, artwork depicting romance, or a Feng Shui romance Lock.

Family: Decorate with family photos, sentimental objects, and representations of unity.

Health: Create a clean, clutter-free environment, incorporate plants, and ensure good lighting and air circulation. Display Health and Longevity symbols here, The God of Health, a Wu Lou, or The Medicine Buddha to enhance this luck.

Creativity/Children: Display artwork, craft supplies, or objects that inspire creativity.  This area is also associated with children and blooming projects.

Knowledge/Wisdom: Set up a dedicated learning, reading, or studying space. Add books, educational materials, or symbolic objects related to knowledge.

Career: Organize the workspace and mark your professional goals or industry-related items. This is an important area for entrepreneurs and people businesses; check our Catalog for powerful enhancers.
Helpful People/Travel: Display items representing helpful individuals or travel experiences, such as mentors' photos or The Gi Ren Figure for celestial support.

Balance and harmony: Ensure that each area is balanced and harmonized with the overall energy flow in your home. Remember the principles of decluttering, maintaining good lighting, and creating a comfortable environment.