Bathroom Cures

Top Feng Shui Bathroom Fixes


The top Feng Shui bathroom fixes in your bathroom involve drains and the water element. Water in Feng Shui represents wealth, hence, water loss means wealth or financial loss.
No matter where your bathroom is located, you need to focus on controling the water element. You can do this in two very easy ways:

  1. Block your drains
  2. Cure your visible toilet

You can cover your ways in many aesthetically pleasing with Feng Shui cures. Once you cover them you can help retain the wealth energy in your home and in your life.

Strengthen the Earth Element:
This is also a very important way to Feng Shui your bathroom locations and helps control the water element. Paint and decorate in earthy tones: Browns, yellows and sandy colors.

Healing crystal stones, bamboo, or jade plants are also wonderful cures and additions that will help you achieve this.

Find great ideas and cures for your bathroom below: