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3 Fixes to Create Positive Feng Shui Energy in your Basement


Even if it sounds a bit pretencious, you can Feng Shui your basement and you can do it quickly too. Did you think you could forget your basement like many of the things you have down there? Maybe not. It is part of your home and it represents the foundations of it, its past and its present. So it is logical to say that if your basement is not well organized, this negative energy caused by clutter can sooner more than later affect your home’s positive energy.

After a little organizing, you can start applying certain cures that will ensure positive energy comes from within your basement at all times.

Apply Windchimes: Through Sound therapy, chimes constantly renew and brake stagnant energy in your basement, in which the weight of the home is leaning on. Shift this by placing a chime near the entrance and ring it every time you come in here. Find one with a symbol that calls your attention and displays it.

Crystals: Display crystals near the entrance or any opening. Since it is difficult to produce lighting here, crystals will disperse the little light and energy coming in from sunlight.

Air Quality: Keep the air as clean and fresh as possible by implementing incense here as many times as you can. The freshest are sage, dragon blood, lemongrass, and tangerine.

More Feng Shui basement cures and fixes below:

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