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A noticeable decline in both life force and spirit essence signifies a return to reality for the Snake after the highs of the past two years. This shift prompts the need for recalibrating expectations and avoiding reliance solely on intuition for decision-making. The Feng Shui paht chee chart indicates a destabilizing combination of afflictions, potentially leading to a drop in confidence. The Snake is urged to exercise patience and thoughtful consideration, refraining from hasty decisions in both the workplace and personal life. To counteract these challenges, it is advisable for the Snake to carry the Hamsa Hand Life Force Amulet, providing protection against the evil eye and ill intentions. Additionally, the Sky Unicorn With Spirit Essence Amulet can symbolize strength in spirit essence, bringing healing energies and fortifying resolve against external influences. On the front of success luck, the Snake experiences a shift from 'very good' last year to a 'neutral' rating in the current year. This change underscores the importance of adopting creative approaches for the manifestation of success opportunities. In contrast to the past, where success may have effortlessly materialized, a proactive effort is now required to seek out and attain success in 2024. To bolster success luck, it is recommended to place the Period 9 Windhorse, Joyous Windhorse, or Victorious  King Gesar in your home or on your workdesk. Carrying the Period 9 Windhorse Amulet, Success Vibrations Mirror, or Joyous Windhorse Keychain can also enhance your success prospects. Consider sticking the Windhorse Sticker  in your office or on your laptop for a continual infusion of positive energies.

In 2024, the Snake faces the challenging influence of the #2 Illness Star, which poses potential threats to energy levels and enthusiasm. This star increases the risk of accidents, susceptibility to illnesses, and may impact relationship luck, leading to a more subdued demeanor. However, with the transition into Period 9, the #2 Illness Star also shows auspicious facets, presenting opportunities for improved wealth accumulation and investment luck under specific circumstances.  To counteract the malevolent effects of the #2 Illness Star, it is recommended to place Feng Shui cures such as the Abundance Wu Lou filled with ingots in the Southeast (SE). These remedies suppress the negative aspects while enhancing the positive qualities of the star. Another effective cure is the Medicine Buddha Plaque. Caution is advised for the elderly, pregnant women, or health-compromised individuals, who should avoid sleeping in the SE. Additionally, carrying the Abundance Wu Lou Amulet Keychain is highly recommended. For added protection, keep the Medicina Buddha Card in your wallet. Hanging the Metal Wu Lou with 5 Coins and Bells in your car further ensures protection from health-related challenges wherever you travel.

In 2024, the Snake faces challenges from the Robbery Star, Yin House, and Sitting 3 Killings in the 24 Mountains. The Robbery Star poses a threat of monetary loss through scams or betrayal. To counter this, exercise caution in financial matters, avoid revealing personal wealth, and be vigilant against scams. Feng Shui remedies include placing the Elephant and Rhinoceros With Ksitigarbha Staff or Anti-Burglary Plaque in the South and Southeast. The Yin House Star in the Southeast pulls energy downward, leading to fatigue or anxiety. Combating this star is crucial, especially with its coincidence with the Illness Star. Yang chi is essential to lift energies in the SE, and the Yang Energy Plaque serves as an effective remedy when placed in this sector. Carrying the Amulet To Boost Reducing Energy adds personal protection against the Yin House's effects. The South harbors the Sitting 3 Killings in 2024, prompting caution against potential misfortune in wealth, relationships, and reputation. Placing the Three Celestial Guardians With Chakra Protection Wheel or Three Celestials Mirror in the South and carrying the Three Celestial Guardians Amulet or Three Celestials Mirror Amulet ensures continuous protection. Avoid sitting with the Three Killings behind you, steering clear of a North-facing direction throughout the year.


In 2024, prioritizing health is crucial for all Snakes, as the #2 Illness Star poses potential challenges to their well-being. Metal Snakes (23 and 83 years old) and Wood Snakes (59 years old) should pay specific attention due to their notably weak element health ratings. Vigilance is essential, and any health concerns should be promptly addressed, avoiding assumptions that ailments will resolve on their own. Caution is advised when health luck is compromised, necessitating the wearing or carrying of health amulets. Snakes aged 35 and 95 years have a neutral health rating, while those aged 47 and 71 have good health luck.

To enhance health luck, place Feng Shui items like the Abundance Wu Lou, Medicine Buddha Plaque in the Southeast, where the annual Illness Star #2 has settled. Placing one next to the bed is recommended for those with average or bad health ratings. Carry or wear health amulets. Hang the Metal Wulou with 5 Coins and Bells Hanging or Five Element Wulou Amulet for Health Luck in your car to ensure protection from contagious illness qi wherever you travel. 


In 2024, wealth prospects vary for Snakes of different ages. The 47-year-old Fire Snake enjoys the most favorable outlook, signaling promising financial opportunities. Similarly, the 83 and 23-year-old Metal Snakes, as well as the 59-year-old Wood Snake, can anticipate positive wealth outcomes. The 71-year-old Water Snake experiences neutral wealth luck, while the 35-year-old Earth Snake is advised to exercise caution in financial matters. Impulsive actions or attempting to accumulate wealth hastily may lead to financial setbacks, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful decision-making. It's advisable to invest cautiously and keep spending in check.  Blue and black are considered lucky colors for Snakes, representing Water element energy and enhancing wealth prospects. For those with neutral or poor wealth ratings, incorporating Feng Shui enhancers in the home or North sector can attract wealth luck. Items like the Water Wave With Purple Pearl, Wealth Lock Mini Plaque, are recommended.  Carrying auspicious amulets such as the Big Money Bull Amulet, Cash Flow Camel Amulet, Buckets Of Gold and Good Fortune Amulet, or Traditional Wealth Lock Coin is highly recommended. Wearing a Citrine for Wealth Bracelet is an additional measures to maximize wealth potential.  To keep wealth energies consistently activated, it's advised to carry the Wealth Talisman Gold Card or God Of Wealth Metal Gold Card in your wallet throughout the year. These practices contribute to a mindful and strategic approach to wealth management and attraction in 2024.


For the 11-year-old Water Snake, the year 2024 promises academic excellence, driven by self-control and motivation. Enhance study luck by carrying the Hamsa Hand Life Force Amulet and placing the Scholar With Eagle Mini Plaque on the study desk.

Despite health challenges, the 23-year-old Metal Snake can anticipate financial gains in business during 2024. Navigate opportunities wisely by carrying health amulets like the Abundance Wu Lou Amulet and placing the Buckets Of Gold & Good Fortune on the work desk.

Caution is advised for the 35-year-old Earth Snake in career decisions in 2024. Vigilance is key to navigate challenges and potential deception. Boost wealth prospects and protection with the Sky Anteater.

The 47-year-old Fire Snake enjoys promising health and wealth luck in 2024. Enhance professional and social connections by carrying the Cardinal Connectivity Activator Charms.

While the 59-year-old Wood Snake encounters good wealth opportunities, balancing career goals with self-care is crucial. Draw positive energies with the Sky Unicorn for overall well-being.

Prudence in finances is recommended for the 71-year-old Water Snake. Activate wealth luck with Feng Shui products like the Buckets Of Gold & Good Fortune.

The 83-year-old Metal Snake should prioritize health and adopt a low-key lifestyle. Enhance well-being with long-life symbols like the God Of Longevity Metal Gold Card or Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet.

For career advancement, display Feng Shui enhancers such as the Scholar With Eagle Mini Plaque, Chi Lin/Dragon Horse, or Dragon Tortoise. Carrying a Scholar With Eagle Amulet or Wealth Income-Generating Keychain can further boost career luck.

Consider the Brass Double Carps Crossing Dragon Gate, Cash Flow Camels, or 24k Gold Plated Handcrafted Exquisite Wealth Ship 33gp, along with the Cash Flow Camel Amulet for those in business.


In 2024, the Snake may find their romantic pursuits taking a back seat, influenced by a preoccupied mind and lower vitality. For singles, unexpected love and joy may blossom through cosmic connections with Dragon, Ox, Monkey, or Rooster signs. However, attached Snakes are urged to invest effort in nurturing relationships amid heightened negative emotions. The ruling #3 Hostile Star emphasizes the importance of being more loving and sensitive. In the professional realm, success hinges on teamwork, with favorable completion luck with the Rat and enhanced business fortune with the Horse. For singles, or those in a relationship, placing a Peach Blossom Horse in the South can attract love. Carry the Romance Comb Keychain, or Padlocks Of Love to boost love and romance luck. Married couples are encouraged to place the Marriage Lock with Double Happiness in the bedroom. Carrying the Padlocks Of Harmony provides added protection for the marital bond.



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