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SOUTHEAST- Wealth & Prosperity

Feng Shui for Wealth


The wealth area is one of the most important Bagua areas in Feng Shui! This area reflects you and your family's wealth and prosperity, as well as material gains and blessings.
Enhancing this area with the right colors, cures, and accents will greatly benefit your financial luck and gains!

Display Symbolism
You can display beautiful Feng Shui symbols in this area that will act as money magnets and will create a sense of wealthiness into the area. Display cures that represent the wood element or cures that nourish it, in this case, water.
Feng Shui water fountains or being close to a moving body of water here is greatly beneficial.

Hang plaques or images of wealth and financial success and decorate the space in a "prosperous" way that really speaks to you. 

Keep the room well lit to produce positive energy and movement constantly. Include decor items in wood or wood element colors (green and brown) and choose your favorite cures and symbols to boost the effect. Plants such as succulents or bamboo are excellent Feng Shui cures for wealth as well.