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SOUTHWEST- Love & Relationship


How to activate the Feng Shui Love area:

The love and relationship area in Feng Shui falls in the Southwest Bagua area, which activates the Yin (or feminine) energy. This promotes harmony and healthy marriages and love relationships.

Activate your Feng Shui by using Earth element cures, accents or decor. Including Fire element as this nourishes Earth, this includes candles, using color accents or symbols representing it.
Choose cures that symbolize love and that really speak out to you as well as making use of Love energy crystals such as rose quartz. You can wear them or place them in your Southwest Area.
Display images of your partner and yourself in happy situations and add images or Feng Shui plaques that promote loving energy. 

In this area, it is definitely a great idea to decorate in pairs, this is why many of the Feng Shui cures you will see are in pairs. This signifies lasting and strong relationships.
Cures in pairs will also act as attractors for a partner if you are looking for one.