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 You are an “energetic” being, Open the Channels of Prosperity! 


Your aura indicates your mental, emotional and spiritual well being. It can shimmer with the brilliance or become dulled. Learn how to protect and cleanse your energy bodies. 

The human aura is created by the action of life-force energy within the body. This life force radiates from the body, forming a cocoon of energy — the auric field. This aura represents your physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual energies.

Whether you are aware or not, your energy field picks up a lot of stuff throughout the day (and that’s only in one day…)

Our auras, or energy fields, interact constantly with the energy of others. It's not uncommon for us to take on some of the energy of other people.

If you are on the path of self-healing, raising your vibrations and putting an end to being dis-empowered, then you will just love raising your vibrations with this simple technique of clearing your aura. It's super easy and could be extremely beneficial for you.



Opening to more Prosperity channels wealth and Good luck. 

Clarity of mind. Peaceful and harmonious approach. 

Pleasant personality. Luck and fortune always.  

Unbound success. Tranquil environment.  

Eye catching persona. Glowing face. Young Looks.  

Sound Health. Perfect synchronicity with the ultimate wisdom. 

Positive approach towards Life. And Much More  

Smoke of sacred plants have been used by every culture throughout history, where smoke from dried white sage or other herbs is used to cleanse the aura. Smoke aids in enhancing ones state of consciousness and raises our vibrational frequencies clearing out lower vibrations and aura hooks.

To begin the cleansing aura, you must begin with yourself facing east in the room furthest to the east as this is where the sun rises.

Once positioned east, light your herbs and place your burner pot on the floor and begin to cleanse yourself by fanning the herbs smudge over your body from the floor to over your head, front to back, and all around you in a complete circle going clockwise in one complete rotation, then another circle counter-clockwise from the floor to over your head like a corkscrew.  Ask that you be cleansed and cleared of any attachments or energetic thoughts while you undertake the smudging ritual. Once you have cleared yourself, smudge in all four corners of the room in a clockwise motion. Leave remaining smudge herbs in the burner beside the door and wait for it to be burned out. 

Special Rituals:

To smudge and open for new beginnings you want to do this on or near a new moon at sunrise. 

To smudge and let go or release you want to smudge at sunset on a Full Moon.


aura-cleanser-herbs-2.jpg     burner-chain.png


When performing the aura cleansing, a hanging censer with chain is safer and comfortable

because let you move it freely around your body.


Cleanse your Aura regularly.