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The 2024 Monthly Feng Shui forecast for Boars (Northwest) indicates a challenging period due to the Quarrelsome Star's influence, which can bring moodiness and a higher risk of conflicts. Here’s how Boars can navigate these energies and mitigate their effects:

Managing Conflicts and Maintaining Composure

With the Quarrelsome Star present, there's a greater chance of misunderstandings and disputes:

  • Staying Calm and Avoiding Escalation: The Quarrelsome Star can trigger irritability and lead to minor issues becoming significant disputes. Maintain a positive attitude and try not to overreact to provocations. Wearing red can help reduce the adverse effects of this star.

  • Mitigating Negative Energies: To counter the disruptive influence, display the 3 Harmony Animals or Trinity of Apples in the northwest area of your home and carry the 3 Harmony Animals Amulet. 

Workplace and Business Considerations

In professional settings, it's crucial to avoid conflicts and maintain a low profile:

  • Work Independently: Given the potential for misunderstandings, it's best to work independently and avoid office politics. If disagreements occur, address them calmly and professionally. Display the Rooster deflector of politicking & backstabbing at Work.

  • Refrain from New Ventures: This isn't the best time to start new partnerships or significant projects in business. Make conservative decisions and focus on maintaining existing relationships. If legal issues arise, consider postponing them to a more favorable time. Hang the Golden Tibetan Double Dorje in your car for added protection, or wear the pendant necklace amuelt version. 

Personal Relationships and Family Harmony

In personal relationships, focus on harmony and avoid bringing external stress into family interactions:

  • Maintaining Harmony: In committed relationships, practice patience and understanding. Communicate openly and avoid unnecessary disputes. 

  • Positive Influence for Students: For students, this period might bring challenges with peers, requiring parents to be vigilant and encourage positive influences. Use the Scholar With Eagle Mini Plaque on your study desk.  

Overall, this month requires Boars to maintain calm, avoid conflicts, and focus on harmonious relationships. In professional settings, work independently and avoid risky ventures. With patience and composure, you can mitigate the Quarrelsome Star's disruptive energy and navigate this challenging period successfully

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