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SALT WATER CURE to Cleanse Negative Energy

How to Use the Feng Shui Salt Cure as a powerful Energy Cleanser


 The water Salt Cure is used in feng shui to remove negative energy from your home or any room. 

Our popular Salt Water Cure contain high quality powerful cleansing salt, a potent cure to remove negative energy and keep hidden spaces free of stagnant energy. This special cure combines the cleansing effects of salt and water with the chemical reaction between metal and salt. Our Salt cure includes six metal Chinese Coins, powerful cleansing salt, and the complete jar. You just need to add water and place the cure in the desire location. The salt water cure is also fantastic to help to subdue the yearly astrological afflictions such as the illness star#2 ,  #3 star ( disagreements and legal issues) and #5 bringing misfortune. These afflictions are astrological energies present every year. By placing the salt water cure in the respective location, you help to subdue the negative effects. When used for this purpose, additional feng shui cures may be necessary based on the astrological chart in order to get the best results.  

Here, 3 Quick steps to activate your cure: (our kit is ready to use) 

  1.      Fill the container with the cleansing salt
  2.      Arrange the six Chinese coins with the “Yang” side facing up (4 symbols)
  3.      Fill the container with water up to 3/4 of its capacity. 

Make sure the cure is placed somewhere that can be reached easily, you will need to add water as needed. You should know that the cure will change over time, depending on the amount of negative energy it will receive. It will build-up a lot of salt crystals and even overflow from the edges ( no the water, just the salt) If this occurs, you should change the cure more than once a year.  Some homes would need to change the cure every 2 months, other homes just twice a year. Keep an eye on your salt water cure, and if it looks like it has done a lot of work, then replace it with a new one.  Below, an example of how the Salt Water Cure Works and how it will look over the time. It will change even more in time.