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Flying Star October 2022


Flying Star October 2022


The #3 Conflict Star flies into the center sector, aggravating the harmful effects of the annual Misfortune Star #5 dominating the center. This combination increases quarrels and conflict energy. Potent remedies are needed in the center of the home. Place the Red Dragon slicing troubles and carry an anti-conflict amulet with you most of the time.
At least this month, try not to use this sector much; use the NE, North, or NW sectors if you can. Move your important activities to the luckiest sectors, North, NW, and NE.

Watch out for the WEST this month, which is also affected by double afflictions, the annual Robbery and Betrayal star #7, and the monthly misfortune #5. Carry anti-robbery and misfortune amulets. Keep the Anti-Robbery plaque in the West all year round, and use stickers on your vehicle for extra protection.

Pay special attention to the SW sector affecting the health of the matriarch. The SE also brings ill energy during this month with the Illness star #2; it is s advisable for older adults to avoid this area; if this is a sleeping room, then place a Wu Lou on the headboard or night table. Carry an anti-illness amulet.



..If you are following the annual flying star( number in the center), you must keep the cures in place. The monthly flying star ( number on the bottom right) is another layer of energy moving around each month, causing the sectors to be the luckiest or more conflictive when two bad stars share the same sector. The monthly flying star cures can be moved monthly depending on your needs - e,g. if you want to avoid conflicts flaring up, you must pay attention to the center area of your home this month and follow the guide.