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Stairway Cures

 Top Tips for Stairs & Feng Shui


 Steps to understanding and fixing the Feng Shui of your stairs.

 The energy of your stairs feeds the floors and it connects them, but in negative cases can highly prevent the free flow of energy between them. The most common issue with Feng Shui and stairs are the ones that face your front door. Why is this so important to fix? Because any positive energy you are generating in your home through any efforts is fleeing through your front entrance. The best way to solve this is to apply the proper Feng Shui cures to balance the energy efficiently.

Feng Shui your Stairs within the day:

  •  Install good lighting. Nice and bright lighting creates a strong presence and calms energy descending from your stairs. If possible apply a nice chandelier or some nice wall sconces.
  • Display art on the surrounding walls that feature strong frames. Choose colors that go according to the Feng Shui element in that specific Bagua sector of your home.

  • Add beautiful lush plants to maximize the landing area, if this area receives benefits from the water element you might want to consider adding a small fountain as well.

 Simple Feng Shui fixes to some troubling stairs below:

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