Three Sheep on A Mountain Amulet

Three Sheep on A Mountain Amulet

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Carry this talisman to unlock the year's wealth potential.  2023 is a year filled with plenty of wealth potential, but with resource luck being elusive, it will prove to be the kind of wealth that is difficult to access. The best way to unleash it is with the symbolism of Three Sheep on a Mountain. The saying “San Yang Kai Tai” was first popularized as a famous idiom in the 18th Century, carrying the meaning of “Three Sheep on the Mountaintop bringing new beginnings and big fortunes.”This wealth attracting amulet features the wish granting mantra to bring forth the auspicious energies of the #8 Prosperity Star. Carry to activate the wealth indications of the year and to attract money luck into your life.

Metal charm measure 4.5" L