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The Year of the Wood Dragon in 2024 is anticipated to bring about significant transformation and change, offering new opportunities and fresh beginnings across various aspects of life. While Dragon years are traditionally viewed as powerful and full of opportunities, they also carry the potential for large-scale events influenced by cosmic energies. As such, it is advised to approach this year with caution and careful navigation, as the swift-moving energy of the Wood Dragon could lead to unforeseen consequences.

The birth chart of 2024 reveals that all four pillars of the year are Yang, indicating a year filled with rapid and dynamic energy. The pace of events is expected to be intense, underscoring the importance of periodically stepping back to gain a broader perspective and avoid unforeseen outcomes. Moreover, 2024 marks a transition from Period 8 to Period 9, signifying a shift in energies at an epochal level. Feng shui practitioners typically make adjustments at the beginning of each year to realign living spaces with new energy, and a change in Period emphasizes the need for meticulous planning.

Entering the Fire Period of 9 on February 4th, 2024, marks a departure from the stability and constancy associated with the grounding Earth Period of 8. Fire, being a dynamic and potentially unpredictable element, calls for a cautious approach, prioritizing defense before offense. The period of 9 is characterized by the potential for sudden and severe changes, where accumulated gains from previous periods can be lost rapidly. Therefore, it is advisable for everyone to protect their assets and consider making Feng Shui adjustments to living spaces to harmonize with the new energies.



Dominance of the #3 Quarrelsome Star in 2024

Navigating Discord and Promoting Harmony"

"In the upcoming year of 2024, the prevailing energy is characterized by the #3 Quarrelsome Star situated at the heart of the Flying Star chart, indicating a year marked by discord and tension. This may manifest as heightened conflicts, misunderstandings, and, in extreme cases, the potential for legal disputes, violence, or even war. The belligerent influence of this star extends to interpersonal relationships, impacting moods and fostering strife within families, possibly resulting in unfortunate outcomes such as divorces or enduring feuds.

In professional settings, the presence of the #3 Hostile Star amplifies office politics, making collaborative efforts challenging and contributing to a hostile atmosphere. Additionally, there is a heightened risk of legal issues, which can consume valuable time and resources.

Given that the #3 Quarrelsome Star governs the Feng Shui chart for the year, it becomes imperative to actively suppress its negative effects. To counteract its influence, we strongly recommend incorporating Feng Shui remedies such as the 2024's 3 Harmony Animals, the Red Prosperity Elephant, or the Trinity of Apples in the central areas of homes or offices. Individuals are encouraged to carry protective talismans like the 3 Harmony Animals Amulet or Three Apples Amulet.


"Despite the absence of Lap Chun or 'Spring' in 2024, which typically symbolizes growth energy, there are still prospects for growth in the Wood Dragon year, albeit with a somewhat subdued forecast. To enhance the creative and auspicious energies associated with the Dragon, it is highly recommended to introduce images of the Dragon into living spaces. Displaying new, lively, and youthful-looking Dragon figurines can be particularly auspicious, serving to usher in fresh growth energies and inject optimism into what might otherwise be a challenging year.


TOO MUCH EARTH ELEMENT  2024 presents an Earth-dominant energy, symbolizing the intricate dynamics between allies and competition. The Paht Chee chart reveals an abundance of Earth element energy, indicating a year where relationships may take a competitive turn, necessitating heightened awareness of others' motives. Anticipate intense office politics, heightened competition among friends, and potential underhanded tactics in business, exacerbated by the dominance of the Quarrelsome #3 Star in the Flying Star chart. This dominance may lead to increased sensitivity, thin-skinned interactions, and potential hidden enemies.


MISSING WATER ELEMENT  However, the chart also highlights a significant absence of the Water element, representing Wealth in 2024. This imbalance signals a potential lack of money-making opportunities, with the dominance of Earth destroying Water and indicating a potential for financial losses. Financial prudence is advised, cautioning against speculative ventures and risky investments. It's crucial to avoid concentrating all resources in one area and practice conservative financial management. To counterbalance and replenish the missing Water element for activating Wealth luck, it's essential to introduce Water elements into living spaces. Water features, aquariums, and symbolic representations of calm water are recommended to enhance wealth luck. Feng shui enhancers like the Azure Dragon With Waves or Water Wave With Purple Pearl are specially designed to inject Water element and boost wealth energies in 2024.  For overall wealth safeguarding, it's advisable for everyone to carry the Traditional Wealth Lock Coin in 2024. Wearing more blue or black, representing water, is also recommended. Choose from options like the Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite or Amazonite beaded bracelets.


DIRECT SPIRIT IN PERIOD 9  The Magic Macaw is highly effective for invigorating the South, representing the Direct Spirit of the new Period of 9. This enhances opportunities and promotes the growth and preservation of wealth. For individuals in business or those striving to balance their books, the Cash Flow Camels or Two Humped Camel offer resilience during challenging times, allowing successful navigation through difficulties.  



METAL ELEMENT  In 2024, Metal takes center stage, symbolizing intelligence and creativity. With two direct units and two hidden units of Metal, the year encourages the presentation of well-thought-out ideas. This abundance of intelligence energy becomes a valuable asset in a year marked by quarrelsome energy, providing opportunities for reasoned discourse and conflict resolution. To strengthen the Metal element, consider wearing white or metallic colors. Additionally, auspicious metal jewelry featuring sacred syllables can enhance this element. 


FIRE ELEMENT  In 2024, Fire plays a crucial role in signifying resource luck, with one unit in the main chart and two hidden units. This configuration suggests the availability of resources but emphasizes the need for diligent efforts to gather them. However, obtaining funding and raising capital may prove more challenging than in the past.  While activating the Fire element, such as wearing red or incorporating more lighting in living spaces, can boost resource luck, it's important to exercise caution. Too much Fire may disrupt the energetic equilibrium of the year, as it also strengthens the already abundant Earth, intensifying competition and rivalries.  A more harmonious approach to enhance resource luck is through the Wood element, which fuels Fire without directly adding to Earth. Consider displaying live plants or incorporating more green elements into your surroundings. To further enhance resource luck, place the Sacred Resource Cow in your space and carry the Sacred Resource Cow Keychain.


WOOD ELEMENT  In 2024, Wood takes center stage, representing power, rank, and recognition with two units and one hidden unit. This resurgence of leadership elements suggests a potential for increased factional differences. The global landscape may witness heightened polarization, making symbols of harmony, such as the 3 Harmony Animals or Pair of Bejeweled Rose Quartz Apple, crucial to pacify tensions and reintroduce sensibility into conflict-ridden situations, be it between countries, companies, or spouses. Leaders and heads of organizations are especially advised to carry the 3 Harmony Animals Feng Shui Amulet Keychain or Harmony Animals Amulet throughout the year to enhance harmony and navigate potential conflicts with wisdom and balance.


LUCK OF MATHER AND FATHER  In Feng Shui for 2024, the sectors representing the patriarch (NW) and matriarch (SW) have a special combination of stars (4 and 9) known as 4/9 Ho Tu. This combination brings good luck for business and growth, suggesting that when husbands and wives work together in the year 2024, it's a recipe for good fortune. The 4 is the Star of creativity, and the 9 Star is about making things happen. So, the man might come up with creative ideas, and the woman will be great at putting those ideas into action. Additionally, there's a chance for more affection and love between partners because the #4 is also a Romance/Relationship Star. To maximize this luck, use the Hotu Enhancer Mirror in the NW, SW, or both to boost wealth and net worth. The patriarch and matriarch should also both be carrying the Ho Tu Enhancer for enhanced prosperity and success.


TIMING  The importance of timing remains crucial in 2024, where correct timing can make the difference between acceptance and rejection, alter the tone and response to a meeting or negotiation, and determine the outcome between enormous success and catastrophic failure. The Sky Animals, representing the 28 Lunar Constellations, are powerful Feng Shui symbols for aligning timing in one's favor: the Sky Unicorn, bringing positive outcomes to all endeavors, and the Sky Anteater, serving as a harbinger of good fortune in matters of business and wealth. The Sky Leopard shields from unforeseen perils lurking in the shadows, while the Sky Wolf safeguards wealth and sharpens intuition against imminent dangers and deceptions.