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8th September 2023 – 7th October 2023)


The September chart sees huge shifts in energy with previously lucky sectors turning unlucky, and unlucky ones turning lucky. The only exception is the NW, which continues to battle fierce afflictions this month. Nevertheless, the Victory Star becoming the dominant star spells a much luckier time for everyone. This star represents new beginnings, so projects started now tend to go well and new ideas easily blossom into reality. Combined with the annual #4, it is likely that new collaborations will give rise to new levels of success. Boost your good fortune luck by tapping into your network of connections! The East is extremely lucky, as it has the Prosperity Star and the Sum-of-Ten, bringing wealth and completion luck. The NE has the Wisdom Star, which when activated, helps creative juices flow freely. It enhances examination prowess and improves decision-making skills. The North meanwhile houses an abundance of heavenly luck. South and West-facing homes are the most afflicted this month as the SE-SOUTH-SW and SW-WEST-NW corridors get hit with all the inauspicious stars. The SE holds a magnified Quarrelsome Star, the South has the Five Yellow and we have the SW taking on the Loss Star. The West has to put up with conflict chi, while the NW hosts the Illness Star. Install your CURES early!


  • Homes facing South and West have more problems and need strong solutions.
  • The Victory Star is in control of the chart, bringing positive changes.
  • Sectors like East, Center, Northeast, and North are lucky.
  • Sectors like Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest are unlucky.



3-9 : Southeast - Heightened Conflict Energy

In the Southeastern sector, the Conflict Chi intensifies as the Magnification Star combines with the Quarrelsome Star. This amplifies disputes and misunderstandings, affecting both residents of homes facing Southeast and those with bedrooms in this sector. Such afflicted energies can escalate minor disagreements into major conflicts, potentially leading to legal disputes. Even strong friendships and alliances may become strained.It's essential to proactively defuse any tension that may arise. Besides incorporating the Trinity of Apples, consider placing the Fire Dragon Holding Fireball symbol OR THE Magic Flaming Wheel in this area to suppress excessive conflict energy. To deflect hostility, wearing items like the Mystic Knot or Hum Pendant can be beneficial. For married couples residing in Southeastern bedrooms, strengthening your bond is advisable.

8-5: SOUTH - Caution Against Misfortune

The South sector becomes a source of concern due to the presence of the monthly Five Yellow energy. If your main door or bedroom is located here, there's a potential for financial difficulties, health issues, as well as misfortunes related to accidents and injuries. It's advisable to refrain from disturbing this area of your home in the coming weeks, meaning no renovations, drilling, or disruptive activities. Maintain a tranquil environment with minimal noise and movement.To counteract these negative influences, consider displaying the Emerald Pagoda and carrying the Pagoda Amulet when you're out and about. Placing a Wu Lou by your bedside can help reduce the risk of illness. For added protection against conflicts and financial troubles, position the Red Prosperity Elephant on your work desk.

1-7: SOUTHWEST - Counteracting the Loss Star

In the Southwest sector, the presence of the Loss Star raises concerns about potential thefts, betrayals, and financial setbacks. If left unchecked, this star can lead to unfortunate circumstances. Homes facing Southwest are particularly susceptible to break-ins and robberies. Residents might also face the risk of falling victim to theft or deceit by individuals they trust. To mitigate these risks, displaying the Armored Elephant & Rhino symbol is recommended. The possibility of encountering intense competition in your professional or business endeavors is also a consideration. Safeguard your position by acquiring the Magnificent Kwan Kung with 5 Flags Plaque and placing it on your desk. If your bedroom is located in the Southwest or if you are the matriarch of the household, taking precautions is vital. Wearing the Double Dorje Pendant can provide an added layer of protection to ensure your safety.

2-8: EAST - Prosperous Finishes & Wealth Luck

In the Eastern sector, there's a positive shift as the Prosperity Star combines with the annual Illness Star, resulting in strong completion luck. This alignment clears hindrances and paves the way for your plans to culminate successfully. This area is particularly fruitful for accomplishing a multitude of tasks. Moreover, it brings forth opportunities for increased income and unexpected windfalls, bolstering both your financial prospects and investments. To harness these favorable energies, consider placing symbols like the Completion Horse and Big Money Bull. While spending time in this sector is advantageous, be cautious not to create excessive noise, as the lurking illness energy could be activated. To further enhance this area's positive aspects, utilize the Great Magic Tortoise to counteract the influence of the annual #2 Star.

4-1: CENTER - Triumph and Fresh Starts

The central sector welcomes the arrival of the Victory Star, bestowing a shower of propitious energies linked to achievement and new beginnings. This month offers an opportune time to set your plans into motion and pursue your desires. Those who are proactive and driven will experience the most significant progress. However, the #1 star, being associated with Water, encounters a diminishment of its positive effects in an Earth-oriented sector. To maximize its benefits, it's recommended to exhibit enhancers of victory such as the Windhorse and the 5 Element Banner of Victory in this area. Carrying the Windhorse Success Amulet is also advised for all. For those striving for career advancement, displaying the Dragon Ru Yi on your desk can be advantageous. In the pursuit of business success, consider obtaining the Double Humped Camel symbol.

6-3: WEST - Conflict and Legal Issues

Troublesome energies of conflicts, misunderstandings, and potential lawsuits dominate the West sector. It's advisable to maintain a quiet atmosphere here by removing wind chimes and minimizing time spent in this area. To counteract the hostile influences, consider placing a red carpet and the Trinity of Apples. Residents of homes facing West or with bedrooms in this sector might experience family disharmony, workplace politics, and a general slowdown in growth. These factors can lead to missed opportunities and emotional strain. To navigate this period more smoothly, carrying the Peace & Harmony Amulet can be helpful. In terms of health, there's an elevated risk of lung infections for women in this sector. Display the Healing Herbs & Longevity Wu Lou to mitigate this concern.

7-4: NORTHEAST - Innovation and Insight

The Northeast sector ushers in the #4 Creative Star, amplifying creativity and wisdom. This star stimulates fresh concepts and novel perspectives, aiding in decision-making. It's particularly auspicious for individuals engaged in research and literary pursuits. Students also reap significant benefits from its mind-expanding influence. To activate these positive energies, consider employing the Manjushri Wisdom Stupa or Plaque . However, as the annual #7 Star also resides in the Northeast, caution is advised when spending time here. To temper the loss-associated energies of the #7 Star, the Royal Elephant & Cosmic Rhino symbol can be displayed. Residents of the Northeast sector should remain vigilant. Carrying the Anti Burglary Amulet and adorning the Blue Hues Sacred Protection Shawl can help ensure safety in this area.

9-6:  NORTH - Ascendant Celestial Fortune

The #6 Heaven Star bestows its blessings upon those residing in North-facing homes and North sector bedrooms. This star brings celestial support and the type of luck that materializes desires. Fortuitously, the #9 Expansion Star augments its potency. To activate these positive forces, consider displaying the Heavenly Star Windchime. Enhance your prospects for wealth and prosperity by exhibiting the Windfall Luck Activator. Furthermore, there's the potential for mentorship, recognition, and career advancement to be tapped into. Invigorate your professional journey with the presence of the Chi Lin symbol. However, if your main door is situated in the North, be cautious of potential generational conflicts leading to disputes between different age groups.

5-2: NORTHWEST - Ailments & Setback

The concentrated presence of Earth stars in the Northwest sector sustains its status as a precarious area. It holds the potential for illness and misfortune to impact the entire family. Work-related issues, financial conflicts, and monetary setbacks are indicated here. It's advisable to steer clear of this sector whenever possible. To counteract the negative influences, consider displaying the Medicine Buddha Plaque and the Emerald Pagoda. If your main door faces the Northwest, if your bedroom is located in this sector, or if you are the Patriarch, an extra layer of caution is required. Prioritize your health and personal safety. There's a heightened risk of injury related to fire and sharp objects, so exercise care when handling these elements. Wearing the Good Health & Well-Being Medallion can help fend off illness energy.