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The Benefits of wearing a Pixiu Bracelet



The Benefits of wearing a Pixiu Bracelet

The Single and Double Pixiu follow the same rules. 

How to Wear a Double Pixiu Bracelet
The Double Pixiu Bracelet promises wealth benefits to those who wear it. But do you feel it working yet?
If you don’t, you might be wearing it wrong. As a feng shui charm, there are certain rules to maximize the effect of this wealth amulet.
Double Pixiu Bracelet Meaning:
In feng shui, Pixiu is considered a creature of wealth. When you wear a Pixiu bracelet, it is believed to attract money luck. This creature is said to hunt for treasures and bring them to its owner. Thus, Pixiu is commonly used to enhance wealth. A pair of Pixiu amulet doubles that wealth effect.

Which Hand Do You Wear a Double Pixiu Bracelet?

The Double Pixiu Bracelet follows the same rule as the normal Pixiu bracelet. You wear the bracelet on your left hand, which is considered the receptive side of the body. The receptive hand is the hand that people use to receive wealth energy. On the contrary, the right hand is considered the projective hand. Wearing the bracelet on your right-hand means you’re giving away the wealth energy to other people.

How long should you wear the Double Pixiu Bracelet?
Wear the feng shui bracelet for a long time, especially for the first time you got it. This builds your bond with the Pixiu amulet. The longer you bond with them, the better. Both Pixiu will be loyal to you and will serve you well.
Also, touch both Pixiu every day. It is believed that Pixiu likes to sleep. Touching them from head to tail will wake it up, allowing them to work for you. However, don’t touch their eyes and mouths which they use to hunt and absorb wealth. Don’t let other people touch them too as you want both Pixiu to be loyal only to you.
Where to Place the Double Pixiu Bracelet When You Don't Wear It?
Pixiu is a creature that doesn’t work well with impurity. You have to take it off when you’re bathing or making love. When you’re not wearing the bracelet for a short time, you can place it anywhere as long as it’s not on the floor. But if you’re not wearing it for a long time, place the charm in the living room. Be sure that one of the Pixiu charms is facing towards the door or window so it will continue to attract wealth. Wear it on your left hand, observe the feng shui rules, and enjoy the good fortune coming your way!


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