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In May, the 2 Star joins the 3 Star at the center of the chart, which brings challenges like illness, accidents, and setbacks. Marriages and close relationships might face strain due to the clash of elements, and business owners might find the month more difficult. Keep this area quiet and avoid disturbing it. To counter these challenges, you can place the Abundance Wu Lou or a Pair of Cranes with Peaches & Bamboo in this area. It's also recommended to wear or carry protective amulets throughout May. The elderly and those with health concerns should be especially cautious and avoid spending time in this part of the home.

Additional danger zones include the NE-NORTH-NW corridor. The Northeast has the Five Yellow Star, the North has the Loss Star, and the Northwest is influenced by the Quarrelsome Star. Use suitable feng shui remedies in these areas and keep the lighting low.

On the positive side, the SE-SOUTH-SW corridor is particularly fortunate with the presence of the three white stars. Homes facing South should have a good month in May. The East area encourages wealth and success, while the West fosters romance and academic achievements. Plan your activities in these beneficial areas of your home to maximize the positive energy.

The chart reveals that the Matriarch's luck outshines that of the Patriarch. In the SW sector, two prosperity stars shine bright, empowering mothers to foster unity and restore harmony within the household. Meanwhile, the NW sector, symbolizing fathers and leaders, suffers from the affliction of the Quarrelsome Star 3, leading to conflicts within families and workplaces. It's crucial to effectively counteract its negative influence. Implement harmony symbols in this area and avoid excessive noise that may exacerbate the situation in the NW.



SOUTHEAST – Victory Luck

The Southeast (SE) sector is energized by the Victory Star 1, which brings good fortune for those seeking career advancement and business success. This star enhances energy levels, providing a competitive edge and boosting the potential for success. To harness these winning energies, place a Rooster on Dragon Tortoise in this area. Residents in SE-facing homes or those with bedrooms in the SE sector can benefit from using the Prosperity Flag with Dragon Amulet, or by carrying the amulet version. To encourage business success, consider placing Kwan Khon with 5 Victory flags in the SE part of your office. This sector is also known to enhance exam luck for students; to tap into this energy.


SOUTH – Windfalls & Bonuses

The South sector is graced with the Heaven Star 6, known for bringing windfalls, bonuses, and new opportunities. This star also attracts mentors and can help fulfill one's wishes. To harness these excellent energies, spend more time in the South and place a  Qi Ren Plaque  to channel the positive vibes. You can also boost wealth and windfall luck with a Windfall Luck Activator. For recognition at work, consider placing Three Lions in this area or carrying the amulet version. If your bedroom or main door is in the South, carrying the Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet or Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman can bring added benefits. Couples sleeping in the South sector can enjoy a particularly loving month.


SOUTHWEST – Wealth Star Arrives

The Southwest (SW) sector receives the Wealth Star 8, which brings a wave of investment, income, and windfall luck. This visiting star contributes to smoother financial plans, improved cash flow, and greater profitability for businesses. The positive energy also fosters happiness, making social interactions more enjoyable and boosting romantic relationships. To activate the wealth-generating energies, place the Azure Dragon with Waves and Water Wave with Purple Pearl in this sector. If your home or bedroom faces SW, keep the Water Wave and a Windfall Amulets close at hand. To further boost prosperity, consider using the Period 9 Wealth Wallet. This setup can enhance both financial success and personal happiness in the Southwest sector.


EAST – Completion Luck

In the East sector, the combination of the monthly and annual stars creates the Sum-of-Ten, a powerful source of completion luck. This leads to career advancement, monetary gains, and strong business luck for those living or working in this area. To harness this energy, carry the Horse Completion amulet. . If your bedroom or main door is in this sector, consider carrying the Sum-of-Ten Enhancer and the Lucky 9 Charms Amulet to tap into the positive effects. The energy in this sector is also favorable for relationships, making it an excellent time for residents of the East to advance their romantic status. For singles seeking love, the Love Amulet with Moon Rabbit can help attract new romantic opportunities.


CENTER – Hit With Illness Chi

The center of the chart contains the Illness Star 2, indicating a challenging month ahead, albeit slightly better than the previous one. This star can weaken your energy and increase the risk of health problems and accidents. To navigate this month, set realistic expectations and avoid drawing quick conclusions when things don't go as planned. Staying calm and composed is crucial for making sound decisions. To protect against the Illness Star's negative effects, consider carrying the Abundance Wu Lou Amulet or wearing the Abundance Wu Lou bracelet to maintain your strength. Additionally, place the Precious Wu Lou or a Medicine Buddha Plaque near your bedside for extra protection. Keeping a cool head and managing stress effectively will help you weather this period with greater resilience.


WEST – Romance & Scholastic Luck

The West sector is favored by the Peach Blossom Star 4, bringing an influx of romance and scholastic luck. If you're single and seeking more excitement in your love life, consider placing the Mandarin Ducks in this part of the home. For married couples, the Double Peonies Red Vase Vase can help channel the loving energies. In addition to romance, the 4 Star enhances mental clarity and creativity, which can benefit students and professionals alike. To boost study luck and encourage academic success, use the Scholar with Eagle Mini Plaque in the West. If you want to harness the 4 Star's potential to elevate your career and business prospects, consider placing the Manjushri Wisdom Stupa in this area. By doing so, you can make the most of the West sector's positive energies.


NORTHEAST – Beware Misfortune Chi

The Northeast (NE) sector is affected by the monthly Five Yellow, which signifies misfortune, illness, and potential money loss, especially for male family members. To counteract this negative energy, place the White Umbrella Goddess Pagoda in this area to control the misfortune chi. It's best to minimize activity in this part of the home, avoiding bright lights and loud music, as these can exacerbate the negative effects. If your main door or bedroom is in the NE, take additional precautions by carrying the White Umbrella Goddess Pagoda Amulet and placing an Abundance Wu Lou by your bedside. Given the risk of financial loss, avoid risky investments and be cautious with spending. To protect your wealth, consider displaying the Wealth Lock Coin on your work desk. By following these recommendations, you can mitigate the misfortune chi and maintain a safer, more balanced environment in the Northeast sector.


NORTH – Betrayal & Loss

The North sector is affected by the 7 Star, indicating risks of betrayal, violence, and financial loss. To mitigate these dangers, place the Door Guardians with Ksitigarbha Staff Plaque and Magic Macaw in this area. It's best to leave this sector undisturbed this month, avoiding bright lights and loud sounds from stereos and TVs. If you reside in the North sector, take extra precautions and maintain a low profile during these weeks. Keep the Elephant & Rhinoceros with Ksitigarbha Staff Amulet with you for protection, and be cautious about trusting others too easily. For couples with bedrooms in this sector, be aware of potential interference from outsiders trying to disrupt your relationship. These measures can help reduce the negative effects of the 7 Star and promote a safer, more harmonious environment in the North sector.


NORTHWEST – Quarrels & Misunderstandings

The Northwest (NW) sector is under the influence of the Quarrelsome Star 3, leading to heightened conflict chi. This can result in relationship issues that impact work and personal life, along with the potential for legal troubles. To counteract the disruptive energies, use the 3 Harmony Animals  in the NW sector. Patriarchs, leaders, and those residing in NW-facing homes or NW sector bedrooms are particularly susceptible to these negative effects. Business professionals and individuals involved in high-profile politics might experience a turbulent time. To protect against these challenges, carry the Trio of Apples Amulet with you to help you navigate through this difficult period. By following these recommendations, you can reduce the negative impact of the Quarrelsome Star 3 and promote harmony and stability in the Northwest sector.