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How to Benefit from Feng Shui Crystals for your Home

At Unique Feng Shui we are dedicated to Feng Shui. That is why we offer the best Austrian Quality Faceted Crystal Balls at the most affordable prices.  

Feng Shui uses the Crystal Sphere, a symbol of the earth element, to adjust the flow of energy and activate any area instantly.  They can create and store energy and are very powerful conduits of chi. 

When hung on windows, Crystals can bring good energy from the outside in to dark or stagnant areas of your home. They also create rainbows that bring precious Yang energy into the home.Crystals can also energize certain areas of your home and create positive spaces that breed creativity and activate prosperity, depending on which crystals are chosen and how they are hung. For example, Colored Crystals are used to activate the energy of specific sectors or elements, depending on your needs and desires.  

We also carry Healing Crystal Stones. Please feel free to contact us for help when selecting Crystals or for more information on the Crystals we carry. 


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