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Feng Shui SALT WATER CURE 2024

Where to place salt water cure in 2024

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure Instructions and Tips



The Salt Water Cure helps to clear the negative energy in rooms. The special combination of cleansing salt + water + the Metal Coins do the job. Place this jar in rooms to keep the energy clear and positive. This cure is also a great helper to subdue the negative effect of the annual stars #2 (illness) and #5 (misfortune) visiting different sectors of your house every year. Check the chart below to find the correct placement during 2024. For the Flying Star practice, additional Feng shui cures or metal cures are often used in combination with the saltwater cure to achieve the best results.





Misfortune STAR #5 WEST



3 Quick steps to activate your cure: (our kit comes ready to use)

  1.      Fill the container with the cleansing salt
  2.      Arrange the six Chinese coins with the “Yang” side facing up (4 symbols)
  3.      Fill the container with water up to 3/4 of its capacity- Cure is ready to work. 

Place the container over a mat or plate to protect wood or delicate surfaces.

You should leave the container open. It will not work if it is placed inside an enclosed area such as a cupboard. Make sure the cure is placed somewhere that can be reached easily, you will need to add water as needed. 


You should know that the cure will change over time, depending on the amount of negative energy it will receive. It may build-up a lot of salt crystals and even overflow from the edges (just the salt) If this occurs, you should change the cure more than once a year.  Some homes would need to change the cure every 2 months, other homes just twice a year. 

Keep an eye on your saltwater cure, and it if looks like it has done a lot of work, then replace it with a new one. Because of this cure will absorb and accumulate a lot of negative energy, care should be taken with its disposal. Do not cleanse the bowl and the coins, but rather properly wrap and discard the whole cure.  SHOP OUR READY TO SET SALT WATER CURE HERE