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2024 Big Auspicious Stars

Activating the Big and Small Auspicious Stars


The Big & Small Auspicious stars bring the potential of great fortune but to enjoy the benefits to the fullest, they need to be activated. The Big Auspicious Star brings great luck in business, careers and promotion. It manifests awesome opportunities and windfalls that bring big wealth luck and good fortune so do make sure you capture its energy.

In 2024 the Big Auspicious Stars are located in the Northeast, East, and Southwest.  

Unlock Abundance and Success in 2024 with the Big & Small Auspicious Stars!

Each year presents us with a celestial gift of Big and Small Auspicious Stars, and 2024 is no exception. These fortunate stars bring forth a cascade of abundance, good news, prosperity, and success. Activating these stars maximizes your potential for good fortune.

Big Auspicious luck heralds significant breakthroughs and grand windfalls, marking pivotal turning points in your life. On the other hand, Small Auspicious luck, though subtle, carries profound meaning when it blossoms. Harnessing the incredible energies of these stars ensures you're on the right path, motivating you to persist and thrive.

In 2024, these stars grace NE1, NE3, E1, E3, and SW2 on the compass wheel. Select feng shui activators below and place them in the indicated areas.

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