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NORTHEAST- Knowledge & Self-Cultivation


This Bagua area is located in the Northeast and will represent your knowledge and self-cultivation. This area will have to do with all types of knowledge, including study and eduction and not excluding your own spiritual quests. Good Feng Shui in this area will need to express your desire for personal growth both spiritually and personally. Choose cures and symbols that reflect your wishes and help your True Essence thrive.

The ruling element in this area is Earth. Decor, accents and symbols will need to reflect this. You can also use Fire element decor as it supports Earth.

Keep this area well lit as well as free flowing air at all times. Lighting is very important as it represents strong Fire energy which will nourish this space. Be sure to also light incense or candles which represent the Fire element and nourish the grounding energy needed for this space to thrive.