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 (7th December 2022 - 5th January 2023)

In our forecast we take a look at the combination of the annual flying stars with the monthly flying stars. You will see the annual flying star in the middle of each gua, and this month’s flying stars on the bottom right corner of each sector.

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The general theme this month is one of new beginnings, plans, brainstorming goals for the new year with the timely arrival of the #1 Victory monthly star in the center of the chart. We’ve got many auspicious sectors this month, the luckiest direction being the North, as the Heavenly #6 monthly star pairs with the Victory #1 annual star to bring one of the best wealth combinations.

Favorable sectors for this month: SOUTHEAST, EAST, NORTHEAST, NORTH and CENTER.

Unfavorable sectors for this month: SOUTH, SOUTHWEST, WEST, and NORTHWEST.

What perfect timing for the Victory #1 star to fly in, just as the year comes to a close and everyone begins setting their goals for the new year. As the #1 water star is paired with the #5 bad earth star, we are seeing earth controlling water. In order to avoid having the beneficial #1 weakened, we want to place a metal fountain to weaken the bad earth and support the water star. It is not recommended to have mountain or earth elements in this sector during this month. This is also where you would place your victory enhancers. Keep your health in check this month, beware of food poisoning, toxicity by drinking, bloating, hearing and kidney issues.

The robbery stars pair up in the West this month. Fortunately, the quarrelsome #3 star is weakened when paired with the #7 robbery star. You still want to double check the locks on doors and windows of your properties and vehicles. Careful of who you share your ideas with at work. It can be anything from physical property to intellectual property, partners, work promotions that might get stolen. Use Protection amulets  here to shield the negative energy.

Northwest is the sector of the patriarch or leader of the household. With the #2 illness star here we see a fragile month for health and luck for the males of the household. It is important to keep health in check, particularly gastrointestinal and respiratory health, and run any important decisions or changes through the family or your support group to get a more objective view. Women might experience issues with their reproductive system. Feng Shui enhancers such as the Healing Herbs & Longevity Wu Lou will help if you have a bedroom or main door in this area. You can also apply metal remedy to weaken the #2 illness star.

The Heavenly #6 Star visits the annual #1 Victory star this month, and makes for an auspicious combination benefitting wealth, career, literary pursuits, athletics and sports. It will also benefit those working in higher authoritative positions such as management, judges, lawyers, teachers. This also presents a Peach Blossom energy for those looking for some romance luck, so you can activate it with some fresh flowers in water (change regularly to keep fresh). Display Feng Shui enhancers for career, scholarly pursuits and creativity here.

This month we have opportunities for wealth that can come through friendships, partners or networks. So, it is a good time to get out and do some networking. Very supportive for real estate deals, lawyers, literary arts, travel and romance. There is possibility of marital issues with this energy, as well as conflict between parents and children. Use symbolic enhancers to support this energy.

We have the auspicious #8 star visiting the annual #3 quarrelsome star this month. Here the #3 clashes with and weakens the beneficial #8, and could cause issues such as disharmony between children and parents, injury to young children (sons in particular), arguments between brothers. You want to focus on remedying the annual #3 quarrelsome star first. You can support the monthly #8 star with symbolic enhancers.

Favorable for the more “yin” people, or females as it brings them more authority and power. Supports intelligence. Business pursuits and developments get a boost this month. Fertility and creative ventures are enhanced, so it is also especially beneficial for people who work in creative fields such as literary arts, as well as scholars. You can support this energy by placing enhancers here.

The monthly misfortune #5 pairs with an amplifying star which can bring misfortune to the South sector. Be careful of diseases (especially with eyes), mental issues, food poisoning, drug addictions, financial loss and accidents. If your bedroom or entrance is located here, take extra precaution this month with your health and finances. Incorporate grounding and calming practices such as meditation or breath work. Don’t be rash nor in a rush. You can use the 5 Element Pagoda as well as other protectors against misfortune.

Be careful for food poisoning, digestive disorders, diarrhea, bleeding disorders and knife injuries. Not a good influence for social well-being of women in the household, might cause some disturbance or arguments between them. Men might experience peach blossom issues. Be careful with betrayals, especially from people you put too much trust in. Double-check your work, anything you sign this month, and watch out for relationship troubles, illicit affairs.
Display protections against betrayal, robbery and illness in this sector.