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The Nazar amulet, also known as the Evil Eye amulet, is a protective charm believed to ward off the negative energy and malevolent intent associated with the "Evil Eye." The Evil Eye is a belief that a malevolent glare or negative thoughts can bring harm or misfortune to the person being targeted. The Nazar amulet often takes the form of an eye-shaped design, featuring concentric circles or a central eye motif. It is commonly used in various cultures as a talisman for protection against the Evil Eye and to bring good luck and positive energy.

People use various Nazar items as protective talismans against the Evil Eye.

  1. Nazar Amulet: The traditional eye-shaped amulet made of glass or other materials, often worn as jewelry or hung in homes and vehicles.

  2. Nazar Bracelet: Bracelets featuring the Evil Eye bead or amulet, worn on the wrist for personal protection.

  3. Nazar Necklaces: Necklaces with the Evil Eye pendant, worn close to the heart for personal well-being.

  4. Nazar Keychain: Keychains with the Nazar amulet, carried as a portable protective charm.

  5. Nazar Rings: Rings featuring the Evil Eye design, worn on fingers for a touch of protection

 There are various Nazar items that people place in their homes for protection against the Evil Eye. Here are some common Nazar items designed for home decor:

  1. Nazar Wall Hanging: Decorative wall hangings with the Evil Eye design, often made of glass or other materials, can be hung on walls in different rooms.

  2. Nazar Wind Chimes: Wind chimes featuring the Nazar eye motif can be hung near windows or doorways to catch the wind and spread protective energy.   

These items are not only believed to offer protection but also serve as attractive elements in home decor. 

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