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How to Cleanse Your Pixiu Bracelet

How to Cleanse Your Pixiu Bracelet
A Pixiu bracelet is a wealth charm that works by attracting prosperous energy from your surroundings. It’s a feng shui cure that enhances your money luck and keeps misfortunes at bay.
However, like other feng shui amulets, this accessory is prone to getting its energy drained over time. This is especially true if the bracelet is made of crystals. Keeping feng shui cures active and full of energy is crucial to get the most out of its powers. That’s why bracelets like Pixiu need to be cleansed to recharge its vibrations and keep it in good shape. But how? Here, we will guide you on how to cleanse your Pixiu bracelet.

Ways to Cleanse Your Pixiu Bracelet
1)Start cleansing by cleaning the physical surface of your Pixiu bracelet.

2)Then, begin cleansing on an energy level. There are multiple ways to do this. You can try any of the methods below:

Moonlight or Sunlight Cleansing
Use the moon or sun energy to recharge your feng shui cure. In this method, place the item directly under the moonlight or sunlight to absorb its energy. However, sunlight can damage Pixiu bracelets made of authentic black obsidian.
Sage Cleansing Smudging is the most popular procedure, burning sage can purify your bracelet’s energy. Lit the tip of the sage and let the smoke involve the bracelet for about 5 minutes.

When Should You Cleanse Your Pixiu Bracelet?
As a general rule, cleanse the Pixiu bracelet before using it for the first time. Wait! our bracelets are already cleansed and energized before shipment so, do you don't need to do this process upon arrival.  Cleanse it at least once a month. The more you wear your accessory, the more it uses up its energy. Make sure to do the cleaning regularly. Over time, it gets easier to know if your wealth charm already needs recharging. The more you get attached to it, the more you will notice signs that you should cleanse it. For example, you may feel like the cure has already lost its energy. It may also look dull, or you may feel that it is heavier than usual. When these signs show up, it’s time to clean the bracelet.

Take Care of Your Pixiu, by learning how to cleanse your Pixiu bracelet allows you to enjoy the full potential of your wealth charm.

Good Luck!