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How to Cleanse Your Pixiu Bracelet

How to Cleanse Your Pixiu Bracelet


A Pixiu bracelet is a wealth charm that works by attracting positive energy.

If you purchased your Pixiu bracelet in Unique Feng Shui™, you don't need to cleanse it once you receive it, your bracelet is already cleansed, energized, and ready to use!

To keep your Pixiu with positive energy it is advisable to cleanse it every 1-2 months, depending on how often you use it.





How to Cleanse Your Pixiu Bracelet

1) Start cleaning the physical surface of your Pixiu bracelet with a damp cloth and warm water. Your 18K-24K gold-plated Pixiu will shine beautifully!

2) Then, begin cleansing on an energy level. There are multiple ways to do this, the most recommended is smudging sage around the bracelet for about 5 minutes; this will remove any negative energy restoring its vibration. This process must be performed using a sage bundle or lightning, about 6-7 incense sticks at once, to create a good amount of smoke to cover the bracelet. Once finished, you can wear it

When Should You Cleanse Your Pixiu Bracelet?

Cleanse it at least once every 2 months. The more you wear it, the more it uses up its energy. Make sure to do the cleaning regularly. Over time, it gets easier to know if your wealth charm already needs recharging. For example, you may feel like the cure has already lost its energy. It may also look dull, or you may feel that it is heavier than usual. When these signs show up, it’s time to clean the bracelet.

Recharging Your Pixiu Bracelet

If you like to give an extra charge, place the pixiu outside during a thunderstorm with lighting ( do not put the bracelet under the rain, it is unnecessary or advisable). Lightning is a wonderful source of negative ions, which are great for recharging crystal stones and metals.

Thunderclaps and lightning strikes both release negative ions into the air. This is what makes the atmosphere feel electric and invigorating after a storm.