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 Simple Feng Shui Fixes for your Bedroom you need Now


The bedroom is such, such an important part of the home! It is where we choose to rest, relax, and take a step back from the routine. It is very much like a sanctuary within the home.Sleep is essential and this is where it happens, in the bedroom. So maintaining good and positive energy is often the key to creating the right environment for good sleep.
There might be some Feng Shui fixing to do in your bedroom and you can find out which you need to look for in our cures below.

Simple Bedroom Feng Shui fixes you can do now:

  • Remove exercise equipment, computers, and devices. Feng Shui energy is destroyed with EMF’s and clutter. Removing these is the first step. If the TV is important, you can place Tourmaline stones next to it to protect you and your healthy sleep from radiation. Phone charging next to you is also a big no-no.

  • Freshen up the atmosphere. A good night’s sleep is equivalent to feeling fresh. The atmosphere in the bedroom needs this too! Open up the windows and light some incense.

  • Make sure your bed doesn’t directly face the door. If it does and there is no way you can move it, hang a crystal.

  • The flow of movement. Make sure you are able to access all sides of the bed an all spaces in your bedroom, including underneath your bed, free the clutter!

  • Keep your bedroom well lit naturally. Positive energy is kept alive when good lighting and fresh air is being provided.

Find all bedroom fixes and placements that may need cures below: