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Time to make a Money Altar

Today we want to write about abundance, prosperity, lucre. It seems that everyone wants more money, opportunity, wealth but how many of us actually invite abundance into not just our lives, but our homes? We need to change our approach to this.

It is time to make a money altar

One of the first things that we ask people when we get on the subject of making moneykeeping cash, and letting the good times roll–is–what is on your money altar?

And often the reply is some version of “huh?”

Creating space in your physical dwelling for money, prosperity, and abundance as you understand them is advised in all of them. If we cannot be bothered to dedicate a tiny bit of space to honoring the abundant good things in life, then we have already shut so many doors without every peeking to see what treasures might be behind them. What a terrible thing!

So, here are step by step instructions that can assist you in creating a beautiful space to honor abundance, attract money, and engage with real prosperity.

 Choose the space  

It may be a room, a corner of a room, or a window ledge but choose a lovely space where you can honor abundance and money. In feng shui, the southeast is the direction associated with the money area. Another direction you can dedicate the space is your personal wealth direction or the north sector because is associated with the water element which produce/nourish wood -southeast element, also auspicious for money making and all forms of manifestation.

Dedicate the space

It is not about performing some fancy ritual. I t is about dedicating your space in order to set it apart from other areas of your home. Since we are working with the energy of abundance, we want to set this space apart with items that help us attune to abundance and wealth.

There are many ways to dedicate this space. You might want to do it through prayer and blessing, you might want to engage in some good old fashioned spiritual cleansing, or burning resins/incenses for this purpose. You might even want to call on your ancestors to assist you; a lovely way to do this is to get an image, item, or even some graveyard dirt from an ancestor who was financially successful and have that present on your abundance altar.

Now is the time to ask ourselves: what makes me feel rich? What makes me feel generous? What makes me feel stable, secure, and able to give and receive blessing? For some of us abundance is very strongly tied to the number of our bank accounts, but for others an ancient oak covered in moss and mushrooms is the strongest symbols of abundance

Honor with Ceremony

Are you going to pray, burn candles, recite a specific mantra, or work with a lodestone or prosperity box? Is it essential to have certain stones, feathers, or elements represented at the altar? What types of ritual and ceremony speak to you? Maybe you want to incorporate some astrology into the mix? Traditionally these are some of the items you might find on an abundance altar:

  • green or gold candles
  • incense, resins, herbs to draw money and abundance
  • cash, coins, money vases, ingots and items representing money
  • figures of Gods, Saints, and Holy Helpers that support you in your desire for an abundant life
  • semi-precious stones that you feel attractive and attuned with wealth 

Invite your allies

In pretty much every religious tradition there are Saints, Gods, Goddesses, or Holy Helpers that are associated with drawing wealth on every possible level (material, intellectual, spiritual, etc). Chose Deities that resonate with you. Is there a figure that you believe might assist you in your endeavors to create more prosperity in your life? make sure they are represented at the altar.

Bless your projects

What are you working on? What project or idea or craft are you dedicated to that just thrills you? What amount of money would you like to be making? What forms of abundance do you most need in your life right now? An altar is not just a conversation piece or a pretty decoration. wre we bring our hopes, dreams, fears, successes,

It is where we go to seek blessings, to acknowledge blessings we have received, and in turn to bless ourselves and others. Show up at the altar, work at it and work with it consistently.


Remember to ask…What needs to go? 

One of the areas that is not emphasized enough when we speak about abundance is what needs to be released and let go of? Make space for abundance, of course in order to make space we must first get rid of stuff that does not attune us to whatever we are seeking. So just as we advised you to ask yourself–what does make you feel abundant it is also a good idea to find out what does NOT help you feel abundant? Identify that and then…move it on out!

Here, beautiful and powerful Deities and items you can choose to make your altar