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2024 CHART




Here's a clear breakdown of the auspicious and challenging sectors in 2024, along with practical Feng Shui remedies and activators to maximize the year's positive energy.


Victory Star#1- EAST sector: also known as the Lucky Star or Yang Water, represents luck, positive omens, and a good reputation. Activating this star in the East sector is crucial for enhancing your social standing, gaining recognition in your field, and attracting prosperity and wealth in 2024, the Year of the Dragon. By activating the East sector in this way, you'll create a conducive environment for study and work, setting the stage for a year filled with positive energy and opportunities in 2024.


Illness Star #2- Southeast sector: known as the Star of Disease, is associated with illness and various forms of physical and psychological discomfort. It's essential to be cautious of this star, especially if you have pregnant individuals, elderly family members, or those with chronic illnesses in your household. In 2024, this challenging star is positioned in the Southeast sector. To effectively deal with the Star of Disease consider using Feng Shui remedies such as the Wu Lous, a Buddha Medicine Plaque and Anti Illness symbols.  

Quarrelsome star #3- Center sector:  often referred to as the Quarrelsome Star, is associated with conflict, disputes, misunderstandings, opposition, and legal issues. It can potentially lead to problems in your career, damage to your reputation, and, in the worst-case scenario, financial hardship or separation. Notably, in 2024, the Quarrelsome Star takes center stage as it resides in the Central sector. To neutralize the negative energies in the Central sector in 2024, incorporate Feng Shui remedies associated with the Fire element and Anti Conflict symbols. The Fire element can help temper the Wood element energy of this star. Consider adding items like red decor, candles, or warm lighting in this area to introduce the Fire element's balancing influence.

Academic & Romantic Star #4- Northwest, also known as the Star of Love and Studies, is highly favorable for academic pursuits, the acquisition of new knowledge, and romantic relationships. In 2024, this star graces the Northwest sector. It's particularly beneficial for families with children who are students, as it supports good academic achievements. Additionally, the Star of Love and Studies is associated with marital love and happiness, making it an ideal choice for young couples looking to strengthen their romantic bonds.

Families with students should activate this star by encouraging their children to study in the Northwest sector. Hanging up academic achievements, educational certificates, or displaying educational materials along with the Scholastic with Eagle Plaque in this area can help stimulate positive academic energy.

For couples seeking to enhance their love life, consider hanging up photos from your wedding or images of your newborn baby in the Northwest sector. These images symbolize the growth of love and family bonds.

The Annual affliction " SUI PO" is sharing this location: the annual affliction of the Breaker of the Year (Sui Po) is positioned in the Northwest sector, limiting the positive effects of the #4 star. To counteract this, you can introduce Feng Shui objects associated with the Water element in the area, which can help balance the energies. By incorporating these recommendations, you can harness the benefits of the Star of Love and Studies in the Northwest sector while mitigating any potential negative influences associated with the annual affliction.


Misfortune Star#5 in the West sector: The Star of Bad Luck or Five Yellow (Yang Earth)

As its name indicates, the 5th star means bad luck in all areas. It is important not to activate it. In 2024, the Star of Bad Luck is placed in the West. In 2024, the negative energies of the West sector must be weakened using a Feng hui remedy such as the 5 Element Pagoda or Metal White Umbrella. In a year like 2024, marked by significant shifts in energy due to the transition between the Feng Shui periods, invoking the blessings of the White Umbrella Goddess can be a spiritually meaningful and beneficial practice. The White Umbrella Goddess is a deity associated with protection and dispelling various forms of negativities, including obstacles, illnesses, and harm.


Heaven & Mentoring Support Star #6 in the Northeast: often referred to as the Celestial Star, is associated with career success, power, and the rewards of persistence, heavenly support and blessings. This star is particularly favorable for professional recognition, social promotions, and overall career advancement. In 2024, the Celestial Star resides in the Northeast sector.  To maximize the benefits of this auspicious star, activate the northeast by displaying The Heaven Seal, Jade Emperor Figure and The Gold 6 Coins.


Robbery and Financial Loss Star #7 in the South:  In 2024, the presence of the #7 Flying Star in the South, combined with the influence of the Natural Disaster Star from the 24 Mountains, creates a challenging energy dynamic in this sector. Additionally, the South sector takes on added significance in 2024 as it becomes the new location for the Direct Spirit of the Period 9.  This convergence of energies underscores the importance of taking precautions and following Feng Shui recommendations for the South sector in 2024. Given the potential for conflicts and disruptions associated with the #7 Star and the Natural Disaster Star, it is especially crucial to avoid activation and minimize time spent in this area.


Prosperity and Wealth Star #8 in the North sector:  known as the Star of Prosperity, represents material gain, financial success, and the rewards of hard work. This star is considered highly beneficial and can bring good luck, financial growth, and an enhancement of one's reputation. In 2024, the Star of Prosperity is positioned in the North sector. To maximize the benefits of this auspicious star and harmonize the conflicting elements, consider using Feng Shui remedies associated with the Metal element. Metal items like metal figurines, wind chimes, or metallic decor associated with Money energy,  can be placed in the North sector. These items will help to create a harmonious balance between the elements and enhance the potential for financial success and improved reputation. By applying Metal Feng Shui treatments in the North sector, you can reduce the conflict between elements and maximize the positive effects of the Star of Prosperity, ultimately promoting prosperity and financial well-being in 2024. it is recommended to display the Feng Shui Anti-Robbery Rhinoceros and Elephant wit the Staff to protect against financial loss.  

Multiplier Star#9 in the Southwest sector: referred to as the Multiplicative Star, represents the multiplication of positive events and can bring both material and spiritual gains. This star is associated with possibilities such as professional promotions, the expansion of the family with the birth of a child, as well as popularity, fame, and enhanced beauty. To fully activate the potential of this auspicious star, display curated feng shui enhancers for this sector.



In 2024, there are three more sectors to be cautious of due to the presence of harmful afflictions. It's advisable to avoid renovations to minimize potential negative influences:

  1. TAI SUI Grand Duke Jupiter in the Southeast sector (from 112.5° to 127.5°): This star is associated with worries, material losses, obstacles, and illnesses. It's linked to Jupiter, its location corresponds to the Chinese zodiac sign governing the year (in 2024, the Dragon).

  2. Year Breaker (Sui Po) in the West sector (from 292.5° to 307.5°): This star, related to Mercury, represents the potential for financial loss, obstacles, illnesses, and disappointments.

  3. Three Killings (San Sha) in the South sector (from 142.5° to 217.5°): This star signifies the possibility of theft (scams), disasters (health problems), and professional setbacks.